Sunday, 27 May 2012

Glowing BATH Play

We have been experimenting a bit with our new Black light globe. If you missed it, we did this glowing-vinegar-experiment & we have also been using it with glow water in the Bath.

After reading a post by on glowing-water-uses-and-how-to-make-it I was amazed, I had never even thought of using a black light for play & went straight out to get one. It was the best decision Id made and we love it. Check out the link above and you will get the run down on how to make glow water and some cool ideas, this is where the Bath idea came from!

These Neon trees turned out great & our Pink shaving cream paint was also so vibrant and bright.

Before you say anything about the safety of it, the glow water is made from non-toxic highlighter ink in water and realistically it is diluted so much, first soaked into water in a cup, then when you run it through the bath it is further diluted (a lot), if this doesn't appeal to you even tonic water glows.
It didnt stain anything and the washable paints wiped straight off. Dimples enjoyed washing them off with a cloth and watching them run through the water.

There are endless things to use under the black light, anything White or Neon.
*Neon Post it notes, I used these on the wall & wrote Dimples name on them
*Neon Paint, I used a green neon glitter paint & painted trees on the bathroom wall earlier that day
*Shaving Cream mixed with some highlighter ink, we used this as bath paint
*White pom-poms
*White & neon pipe cleaners
*Glow sticks in balloons
*white or Neon bath toys

Washing off the purple neon glow flowers

Shaving Cream & highlighter ink = Bright Glow Messy Fun


  1. Looks like you have been having great fun with the black light! So happy you were inspired to get one. I bet you find all sorts of ways to play! Thank you so very much for linking back to my post. It makes all the difference in the blog world :)

    1. We have been having a ball with it and thank you for the inspiration, I am so glad you persuaded me to get the black light ;-)
      & No worries about the link back, I wasnt going to take credit for your wonderful ideas.

  2. What a fun bathtime - and great pictures. Thanks for joining in with the Kids Co-op.

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