Easy Gross Motor Obstacle Course

This Obstacle course was so simple to create inside. It is a great way to get the kids active when your trapped indoors, or to just do for fun! All you really need is some paper masking tape (not the plastic stuff, the paper form will come over the floor in one go) and a little space.

Using the tape we put down a Start line. Writing "start" in big red letters.
We started with a straight BALANCE line.
First Dimples balanced toe to heel, then he tried hopping and finally I got him to walk with a golf ball in a spoon.

Then he had to jump, do a twist/turn jump, jump backwards 3 times.
I cut some little coloured foot prints out and stuck them on the ground as a guide.

Wearing a hat on his head Dimples then had to balance heel to toe, twist at the corner, rotate his body in the next direction and follow the zig-zag line.

More jumping, coordinated jumping over some soft blocks.
You are not allowed to touch them or you have to go back to the start remember!
Then he had to walk in his monster shoes a couple of meters until he got to the tunnel.

Using the top of the dinning room chairs and a table cloth, he had to crouch down low and crawl through the tunnel. The next time we made it lower, off the seat cushion and then he had another go at commando crawling down real low, without touching the table cloth.

He had to spring out of it and jump over 2 large soft toys, they were pretty close together so he had to judge the distance and land carefully so that he didn't hit them.
One big Monster Jump to the final stretch.

There was a pillow case waiting for him to climb into.
He had to race down the hall in the pillow case until he reached the stop sign.
Winner!!!  Lets do that again.

Do you have active kids?

Even on rainy days it is possible to utilise what seems like boundless amounts of energy.
Try having a stop watch timer and see if they can beat their time.
Or you could try doing it backwards, sideways or wearing a super hero Cape.
We extended our race by adding in some animal actions; Hop like a kangeroo, tip toe like a sneaky fox, slither like a snake!

Happy Adventures  :)


  1. We love obstacle course and this is such a fun one! I love that it is simple for parents to set up.

  2. Love this! Will definitely try it.

  3. Love this! Will definitely try it.

  4. BuenĂ­simo, very good!!!! Muchas gracias!!!



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