The Melted Snow Man - Christmas Sensory Play

Cold Squishy Melted Snow for some Messy Sensory Play before Christmas arrives.

The snowman that Dimples Magic Elf Buddy bought back had Melted by the morning.
I grabbed some of this fake snow from the bargain shop. It is the same sort of thing that water beads are made from, it expands to hold 100 times it weight when added to water.
It is pretty cool stuff. Dimples Magic Elf left him a bowl of it to play with one morning along with a melted snow man.
The fake snow is squishy, slimy, shivery cold, has a wet texture but isn't really messy all the things we love about sensory play. I added some glitter and small star sequins to give it a Christmas vibe.

Plastic Candy Cane, Christmas Baubles, Glitter, Fake Snow and a Gold star gave the sensory bowl a real Christmas feel.  There were a few cups for Dimples to scoop around with and the snow mans essentials; buttons, a nose, bead eyes and pipe cleaner arms.

Invitation to Play
 It wasn't long before Dimples imagination led him to mix up some pretend Snow drinks.
They looked beautiful and sparkly, like Christmas Slushy Cocktails.
He made a few batches, bringing them to me to "taste"
He mixed in some more glitter and used the candy canes as stirrers.

The star worked well in the snowy sludge. Dimples explored it and scooped the snow up, pouring it over the top so he could watch the snow ooze through. Snowy large chunks would get stuck so he gently tapped it. He enjoyed making melted Snow men in the cups and then pouring them over the star

If you want to see our Magic Elf Adventures check him out HERE

Merry Christmas


  1. What a lovely idea. It has also given me the idea to make snowmen out of ice cubes! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh, how fun!! I love it! Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!!



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