Interactive Colouring-in characters with Crayola Color Alive

Product review- Crayola Color Alive.

Crayola is changing a child's way of colouring in with color Alive and its virtual colouring effects.  The colouring-in books look like a classic book, lots of cool pictures with details characters to customize, plenty for a child to have fun with.  However there is something really special about these books.
Here are some pics of how we had fun using the Color Alive range, and what I really think of it...

Capturing the imagination, creativity and focus of children (and adults).

Color Alive combines colouring with a 4D interactive experience. The colourer-inner, aka creative child can customize their picture using any combination of the colours and then bring their picture to life in a 4D app.   The anticipation for bringing a character or creature to life is really engaging. I found that Dimples coloured in so much more detail and he was focused for much longer than he usually would be. All because he really wanted to create his own pet.

Watching the Colouring in that they just completed transform with a spinning magical portal, they'll see their design and creation transform into a 4D figure above their page. They have their own theme music and virtual tricks. They move and make sounds and have fun little individual characteristics.  Dimples eyes widened as he seen the "portal" and all the magical effects before his pet dragon appeared.

Children can bring Characters to Life, bringing them off of their drawing and then can interact with the characters, take ‘selfies’ with them, tickle them, play or poke them.  They can also be saved as your own pets or characters for use anywhere, any time, with or without the colouring in page.  Here Miss T laughed at her Medusa sitting on her head, and put it on a forest play mat.  "Snake lady looks real there" she giggled...

Dimples was so excited to show his pop his creation, and they had lots of fun taking selfies of the dragon sitting in the palm of his hand, on his shoulder and on his head.  You could get really clever with this and do some trick photography.  Hey!! That gives me an idea... Stay tuned to my Instagram.

Special effects.
Children will love the "elements" that the characters and creatures represent.  The new books by Crayola contain a set of special crayons can even create virtual Colouring Effects; Special Effects Crayon  add animated effects such as comic symbols, fire, ice sparkles and pixie dust.  Can you see the REAL fire on Dimples Dragon picture below? Pretty amazing really.  Then he used his dragon pet in a balancing act and poked it for a while as it sit above his page.

The products RRP for $7.99 each and are available from all good leading retailers.  The Colouring in pack includes six Crayons, one Special Effects Crayon, 16 Action Coloring Pages, and a FREE app download that makes it all so much fun. 

If you want to check out how amazing it really is, social media #CrayolaAU

I would definitely recommend them, and I would say any child would love one of these magical books as a gift! They are fantastic and really have to be experienced to be appreciated.

Happy Adventures  :)

This review was brought to you by Nuffnang and Crayola ColorAlive


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