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Hi there lovely Blog Readers, Welcome!
I am Nae Author of Adventures at Home with Mum.
If you are new here this is a great place to start; You will find out a little about me and my blog.

About me:

I am an Australian Mother of 2, my son "Dimples" & my daughter "Cherub" are the center of my universe and I blog about our Adventures here in the hope to document and share our love of play. In this process we hopefully inspiring others to enjoy childhood learning and be hands on in every day life.
This is Me & my son Dimples
I live in a small rural town in Australia on the South Coast with my partner, my kids and a crazy Siberian Husk.  As a mum I encourage messy sensory play and try to encourage my children to experiment, explore, ask questions and try new things. I am passionate about providing my children with many playful, unique and fun adventures that they can learn from, and I believe I am a hands on mum often engaging in the fun & games with my children instead of standing by watching. I love to be involved in their learning and I enjoy watching them flourish.

Before I was blessed with my children I worked in childcare, did some part time cleaning, helped run my partners business, and studied in my spare time. If I am not studying, working, blogging, writing, painting or drawing I get quite bored. I have completed studies in Psychology, Effective Parenting, Personality Development, Counselling, Child care, Positive Parenting, Law & Sociology. I would love to work with children in the future, I haven't quite worked out how I will use my studies but I am sure that will come to me as the time is right.

For the time being I am enjoying watching my children grow into happy little treasures. I am truly blessed to have a hard working partner who knows the value of a hands on mum and encourages me to be a stay at home mum during these special and important early years. I hope to continue studying and blogging until both kids are school age.

The Stars of the Show:

Dimples is age 4, he loves to dance, he has a vivid imagination, he is a great story teller, loves pretend play, & playing in the dirt. He is a very active and funny little man, sometimes stubborn and sometimes crazy, he loves typical "boy" things (cars, bikes, trains, dirt, mess) and has been the star of the show since he was 2.
Miss Cherub is the Baby Girl of the family. She is cheeky, cute and she already has a bit of a temper on her. She loves to bounce, gurgle and coo, you can read her birth story and introduction here.  

Who Adventures at Home with Mum is for:

This blog is aimed for parents, teachers or people in care of children in the early years who are seeking fun, unique and hands on play ideas. Anyone looking for new or different activities to do with or for their kids.

You will find a bit of everything; Sensory Tubs, Messy Play, Pretend Play, Outdoor Play, Playing in the Mud, Kids Playroom and Bedroom D├ęcor, Family Games, Kids Craft activities and our every day Adventures.

Here are some of my All time Favorites and a great place to start
I love to hear from my blog readers, so please feel free to leave a comment, or share your own adventures with me.  You can find me on facebook or pinterest  or google plus
Or contact me at adventuresathomewithmum@gmail.com

Happy adventures

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  1. Hi Nae,
    Your About Me page is fabulous! I am excited to read your content. The pics and links you suggested look quite enticing! I think sensory play is one area I need to incorporate more of with my two girls. (My personality leans more to dance, singing, sports, making plays and making up stories and books ;)



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