Pirate Party Games - Part 2

Pirate Party for 3 year Old Dimples; Part 2, Games & Dress ups.

Ever Fancied throwing a Pirate party for your child? Well heres how we done it. See my previous past on the decorations & Invitations, this post is on the games, play and dress ups but keep tuned for the most important post. The Treasure chest Cake & the themed food.

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Red & Black Sensory boxes-
This was a hit, the kids called the red ones berries & the black ones caviar, they enjoyed filling up buckets of them, squishing them and feeling them, they got their feet in them and had lots of fun. Even some of the grown ups thought they were odd & couldn't resist the urge to touch them

A real Pirate Boat for Pretend Play-
With a cross sail and a bit of Red material I snagged at the Salvation army, this Pirate ship is ready to sail the ocean blue. Come and Join the Pirate Crew!
Off the side was the start of the planks to walk, a slide at the front and a decorated Pirate flag.
See Pirate Party Post Part 1 before this for decoration ideas.

The Pirates Tree House-

Myself and Adventures Dad have been making this for dimples for a few weeks prior to his party but we altered it and made it more "piratey" and made sure it was complete and ready for his crew to play on. It was a hit and still is. I will be doing an individual post on the finish product as it is a easy tree house made from reused or free materials and Dimples absolutely loves it, I don't think the novelty will ever run out.  So here is the quick Game view of the Pirates House: Complete with fish net, a steering wheel, a pirates flag, a telescope, ladders and split level around the tree.  The rope extended over the centre of Dimples trampoline and the kids had a ball hanging on to it as they jumped!


Ring toss-
In the weeks leading up to the pirate party we made Dimples a outdoor ring toss game on an old scrap of wood, I got adventures Dad to nail gun it to a star picket pole and put it in the yard with long screws here and there for the rings to go on. Then Dimples helped me paint it. We did a large Island surrounded by blue ocean, added some real sand over the island as the paint was still wet and then did some palms, a treasure box, a pirate ship. a shark and a octopus. The screws weren't long enough for the coits so we cut some hose & added them on as an extension. Of course the treasure was 10 points and the rest varied down to 1 point.

Walk the Plank over a shark Pool full of slime-
We put some beams across the yard on square crate as the planks and then a smaller wooden one in the middle saying "walk the plank" underneath this was a kid pool with sharks and ocean creatures in slime. It was just a packet of gelli baff slush! But the kids loved it, the first as little Miss K and at first she looked down and hesitated for a minute, it was cute.

It also doubled as a seat for all the crew.

Buried treasure-
I got some beads and some dress up necklaces, some plastic pirate coins, and I went through my jewellery box. I still have all more junk jewellery stuff from when i was a teenager, you know! You get a huge collection of $2 stuff that's in fashion at the time as a teenager, none of it worth anything and none of it to be worn again so there was real treasure in there as well as soon blue lucky stones that we often use in our sensory boxes --------> Look through the sensory button on the side bar for some ideas.
There were 6 plastic buckets all full of sand and buried treasure, along with a few treasure boxes that the children filled up and carried around, they took them on the boot, along the plank and into the tree house.

There were bikes, the quad, scooters, a lawn mower, Bubbles, Baloons & swings to play with as well.

Dress up Theme-
Everyone, even the "big kids" had to dress up, everyone got right into it with great spirit & fun attitudes. Everyone enjoyed seeing the little ones dress up and it added to the element of pretend play, imagination & their Pirate games.
Here are some of the Pirate crew

Its a shame the streamer blew over in this picture because Pirate J was wearing a stick on Pirate goatee and wouldn't let me get another picture :P


  1. Adorable! I love the pirate theme! We are planning a mermaid party for our daughter soon, with pirates for the boys. I'm sure we can incorporate some of these ideas. Thanks for sharing them at the Outdoor Play Party!

  2. PS - What are those balls in the sensory tubs? Are they water beads?

    1. Thankyou. Your mermaid Party sounds fun!
      Yes they are water beads. Sorry - We use them so often, I neglected to mention it this time

  3. Wow! What a fun party! My son would love the ring toss and the buried treasure in sand! Putting those on my list to do for our outside play time. Thanks for sharing on the Weekly Kid's Co-op!

    1. Yes it was lots of fun. The buried treasure was a big hit and is something so simple, you dont need a party as an excuse. My son is still digging up jewels in his sand pit

  4. Love this ! You are so creative, and it looks like you really went above and beyond to create a fun and memorable experience for everyone (kids and adults) who attended.

    A great theme, and a wonderful resource for anyone planning a birthday party. Thanks for sharing...



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