Mud Rally Sensory Box

If you are reading this you must be interested in making a Mud Rally Sensory Box?
This was a fun outdoors activity that I set up for Dimples near his Mud Kitchen.
It has all the Sensory and Tactile benefits of playing outdoors with dirt and mud, as well as these 8 benefits of playing in Mud with one appealing difference; It is contained in a Sensory Box.

I realise not everyone has a mud kitchen (or wants one) and many parents aren't open to letting their child freely explore mud but they still want to provide the learning experiences and messy fun that mud provides for their child.
The solution? The Mud Rally Sensory Box.
Its all the fun and mess but contained in a box.
This means it can even be bought inside on a spill mat or done on your back patio as a quick and easy messy play activity that can be emptied and cleaned out afterwards.
Simply mix a little dirt and water into the tray, add cars and once the messy play is finished, return the mud to its original place, rinse out the tub and rinse of the cars. Easy Peasy!

Dimples gathered some of his diggers and carted them up the yard. I wasn't keen to do the entire messy play thing on this particular day and we had limited time, so I put a shovel load of dirt into a plastic tub and mixed in some water, I sat his cart next to it and let him play.
It wasn't long before he came down from his tree house and came over to start exploring.
Initally he was very delicate, mixing the mud and carefully pushing a car around slowly and then inspecting its wheels. It didnt take long for him to warm up into his usually imaginative self.

Diggers, dump trucks, monster trucks, bull-dozers, tractors, jeeps and 4wd cars were lined up into the mud. The tractors were great at pushing the mud and clearing a path, Dimples experimented a while with this, looking intently at the cleared path. He added a little more water and watched it wash mud back over the paths.
He made some rally tracks and imagined that it was a race circuit, thrashing the monster trucks through the mud (with sound effects of course). Pretending they were doing all sorts of "tricks", flipping, rolling and skidding.
He used his diggers and dump truck for some track construction, even going to the extent of burying a car under dumped out mud.


Looking for some more Messy Play ideas?

Happy Adventures


  1. Mud, glorious mud -
    There's nothing quite like it! :)

  2. I might have girls but I think they'd LUUUUURVE this!

  3. Yes yes yes. I think my daughter needs to get a bit dirty :)

  4. Oooh! I love this! My son spent many days last year playing in the vege patch between harvests but now that we have planted a crop again, he's lost his mud pit. This is a great idea. I never would have thought to put some dirt in a tub like that.

  5. Hahahaha, what wonderful messy race fun! Dino Boy's cars and dinos (not surprising huh), often end up in the mud!

  6. I bet he spent ages on that activity! Such glorious muddy fun! We have lots of red mud at the moment so this might be an activity over the next few days whether we like it or not!!

  7. We have a warm day today & I think after the twins' nap, we'll head outside to do this fabulous sensory bin. Thanks for the idea!



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