SPLAT Painting

Splat painting was probably the funnest thing we did this week.
We got to get outdoors, let off some steam & Splat paint EVERY where.

I lined the brick wall outside with large paper, sticking it up with blue tac.
I then got 4 large cups and mixed up some water colours with some water, so that it was a smooth yet runny consistency.

Using some water (pool) sponge balls, and some circular sponges dimples soaked them in the cups of paint and used all his might to throw them at the paper.
As the hit SPLAT they went, the paint effect was great, as was the sound when they hit.

He squeezed them, and practiced throwing them as hard as he could both over & under arm.
It was lots of fun and he got to burn off some steam.
The harder you throw them, the bigger the SPLAT.
I had a go & let off some steam pelting the balls at the wall, it was good Messy fun.

Happy Adventures :)


  1. Love how BIG your splat painting art is!

    Thanks for sharing with learning laboratory at mama smiles =)

  2. We so need to try this!! Thanks for sharing at The Sunday Showcase. :)

  3. Awesome fun! We'll have to put this on our summer play bucket list! :) Thank you for taking a time to share with us on High paw!

  4. Love this, I did this on a small scale with balloons inside - thanks for joining the outdoor play link up this week but the link you have added takes me to a different post than this one, I think you need to add this direct link instead. Cheers

  5. Looks awesome. It would be fun to cut part of it, put the date on it, and frame it. Thanks for sharing at Mom's Library!

  6. Your son's painting is so cool! How much fun! We love painting like this, and it's perfect for kids who like to move a lot.

    Thank you for linking up to the Outdoor Play Party!



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