Magical Gnome Garden

This is Dimples Secret Garden.

It has been a work in progress and our peaceful corner of the yard where mystical talk and magical imagination begins. We add bits here and there, Dimples plays with the gnomes and tells me stories of all the mythical creatures who live in his Secret garden while he swings under the tree.

Come on a Tour of our Magical Gnome Garden....

There is a Hungry Troll that lives under the bridge (of course)
He has claimed many fishing boats that try to sail into his territory.  You must remember to ask permission before you cross his bridge and you will only be allowed to cross if you know the secret word. Only Dimples knows that the secret word is Abra-Cadabra so he is allowed to play with the sunken ship when ever he pleases.

There are fairies living in Dimples garden, although he has never spotted any.  They live in a Large Blue Fairy house with a lovely double wooden door.  This was painted blue, it is just a tree stump cut down the centre and on an angle at the roof. Dimples and I got messy and blue in the process of painting the large trunk. 
These fairies have pet cats and dogs who sit by their door.
They also have a washing line with pegs and a basket so they can hang out their fairies gowns to dry, however they like to hang their clothes out every full moon so we don't get to see what they like to wear.


These fairies like to swing on their wooden swing as they sing along to chirping birds but only while no one is around and they laze on the beach in the morning sun, before the humans wake. They have a relaxing sandy beach area with a Umbrella and a hammock.
Dimples often collects shells that he saves and puts on their beach.

Did you know that fairies love to garden?
The fairies in our garden have their very own gardening patch, they use small spades and rakes. They have a tiny watering can and their very special wheelbarrow to help them around their garden.
Dimples loves to "help" them with their garden.

Over the other side of the secret garden there lives a Grumpy Gnome who sells slug skins and aphids.
He has a gorgeous hand crafted door & small log stepping stones that go past some glowing toadstools and some bright blue mushrooms. 
Dimples Helped with the making of the garden, including placing the stepping stones down, the small pebbles and setting up his super cool toadstool seat but there is always lots to finish.

The Grumpy Gnomes path leads past his court yard area and fire place, where he stacks wooden logs & enjoys magical potion by a warm fire at night.

Past his fellow Gnome friends Twig house, they live under a rosemarry plant & need a ladder to get into their white yard. There are 5 little Gnomes who arent like the Grumpy one, these gnomes have great big smiles and enjoy their sunny garden. Dimples loves to get them and trot them along all the paths and the next time he comes to play, they are always back waiting for him in their garden, by their twig house. Hhmmph, I am stumped, I wonder how that happens ;-)

Past a Peaceful hobbits hut, These hobbits enjoy eating their tea under a small hill. Their house is built into the hill. Dimples made this out of paddle pop sticks and generous amounts of glue, I then lined it with plastic before planting it.

Over the trolls fishing hole Bridge (Dont forget to ask permission to cross) and along a pretty blue stepping stone path.  This will take you past the fairies swing and to a fork in the road where a hand crafted wooden sign For Dimples Secret Garden that reads < Trolls fishing Hole - Gnomes lookout >
If you follow the path to the Gnomes look out it leads you to a bamboo ladder that Dimples & I made.

This ladder takes you to the Gnomes look out where the Grumpy fellow sits all day keeping look out for any humans, he does not like humans and will hide as soon as he sees any.

We all know that magical creatures dont like to be seen by humans and hide away when we are about, they particularly like to come out as the sun first rises, when we are all still asleep and they like to dance around as it goes down, when we are inside eating tea.
That is why we have some very special lights in our garden, it is full of solar powered light up magic mushrooms, toadstools, snail lights, butterfly & dragon fly lights and some bright lanterns.

Under the rainforest canopy next to Dimples Secret Garden, is PixieVille. This is where the Leprechauns and Pixies live in harmony. 
Dimples painted some blue stones with white dots to put in the garden, they look like toadstools & match all his favourite blue things.
There are several Ceramic Castles that were made by myself while I did my yr 12 Certificate that now live in the rainforest.

Throughout the garden there are mirrors, and garden statues, things hanging in the trees like dream catchers and chimes, gecko plaques and jewels.
Dimples enjoys imaginary play in the garden, he plays with the gnomes and the fairies garden, he helps me plant new plants and rearrange things.  His favourite game of all time is crossing over the bridge.
We will continue to grow The Secret Garden.

Linking up to the Fairy Garden Competition @ The magic onions


  1. What a wonderful and magic garden! Are you entering it in the Fairy Garden competition over at Magic Onions?

    1. Thank you
      Yes we have linked up in the competition. I think we will be one of the last ones before it closes.
      Thank you for your comment, it just prompted me to re-read my post and I realised I had forgotten to add the link to the Magic Onions Competition. So its added in the post now :-)

  2. So cute & clever (as always!) - loving the little lights!
    Linda @

    1. Thanks Linda. Arent the lights adorable :) My favourites as well

  3. Cute and imaginative. Pinning. xoxo Pauline

    1. Thanks Pauline. Appreciate the pinning share :)

  4. What an amazing play space, I bet Dimples spends a lot of time here!

    1. When the sun is out it is a really beautiful play space, and he loves chatting and playing away :) It makes me smile.
      thank you for the comment

  5. Wow! What an amazing kid space - so much opportunity for creativity and fun! I love this idea - thank you for sharing it.

    1. and so much opportunity to expand :)
      Great for imaginative play.
      thanks for the comment

  6. What a magical place. My daughter would love the troll bridge.

    We started a fairy garden, but it was under a tree. Our area is rife with possums and our fairy garden was covered in possum poo every morning. I got sick of cleaning it everyday.

    But you have re-inspired me. Wow!

    1. Oh, we are lucky not to have possums in our yard. Our dogs must keep them away!
      I am glad to have re-inspired you and hope you and your daughter are able to work a magical space out, without possum poo attacks :)

  7. Oh, I just love it all. We are in the process of doing our own magical kids garden. This has given me lots of great ideas. Thanks for showing us through your garden! :)

    1. Thanks for taking the tour ;-)
      I would love to see your magical garden when it is complete
      & thanks for the comment.

  8. What a truly magical space! You have put so much effort into it and i bet it is so well loved....i can't wait to 'take' away some of your ideas to use in our garden have so inspired me!

    1. Thank you Jode, Glad to have inspired you and would love to see what you come up with :)
      Hopefully it is loved for a few years

  9. Found your Fairy Garden on The Magic Onion contest page. I love it!! You and your family did such a great job. I would love to know what your fairy door is made out of. Is it wood? I almost looks like leather. I also love your crossroads sign. We have a garden too if you would like to check it out here is the link:

    Good luck in the contest and keep going with the garden it's great!

  10. What an amazing space you have created & I bet your little one has hours of fun out here. Thanks for adding this to the outdoor play linkup.

  11. Your garden is filled with such an attractive cute theme to it, i love the collective of stones used as ground. Very innovative.

    -Carlos Hernandez

  12. incredible!! how on earth did you make those lovely small wooden signposts? and may i please come live in that wonderful fairy hammock? :) your garden is amazing and so inspirational!! i am working on our family garden now and made a bean/pea tipi for my son.. i think i may have to do a gnome & fairy forest next to it!! thanks :)

    1. Thanks for your comment, very kind of you.
      The sign posts are gorgeous, they were custom made off an eBay seller, I love them.
      Hope your garden and bean hut goes to plan, we actually bought beans today to do some kind of hideout :-)



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