Our Snowman Christmas fridge

This super easy DIY Christmas decoration is a must to get little ones in the spirit. It was so easy that dimples did the decorating himself. He was very pleased with his snow man and asked me to send a photo to his favourite aunt.

All you need are some circles cut from paper or cards stock. Eyes and buttons. Some wrapping paper cut long enough to fit across your fridge as his scarf, with some longer down pieces. Bluetac or tape, an orange triangle nose and dot stickers for the mouth.
I had everything in the craft box but you could make do with what ever you have available; pom poms, real buttons, a plane colour scarf.

Dimples was in charge of the blue tac and helped Colour in the Snow mans eyes. He also chose the scarf wrapping paper and the coloured buttons.
He loved the snow man so much it got a big Hug.
It ties our fridge into the Christmas Decorations nicely.

Happy Adventures  :)


  1. Love this! Will fb share today, jaime@FSPDT

  2. Yay, this is fabulous. My son loved making our front door into a monster, and I know he'll love doing this project, too. Thanks for sharing a wonderful idea.

  3. Cute! This makes me wish we had a white fridge!

  4. What a terrific idea! So simple and as you say, gets the kids into the spirit of Christmas.

  5. Thanks for sharing on Tuesday Tots! I am featuring your post this week on In Lieu of Preschool: http://www.inlieuofpreschool.com/2012/11/christmas-is-coming-ten-great-activities-to-get-you-ready-for-the-holidays.html Please feel free to stop by and grab a featured button. Off to pin!! :)

  6. If only our fridge were white instead of brown this would be so much fun! What a creative idea!



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