Angry Bird Stacks

We all know little boys love smashing blocks down, throwing things and demolishing structures so this fun game was the perfect outlet to incorporate some learning and for Dimples it was a fun new way to explore his fascination with Angry birds.

Stacking blocks is an easy way children develop and work on hand eye coordination. It allows them to work on keeping a steady hand and balance blocks with even distribution.

Angry Birds Stacks. Lets see how many learning principles are in this fun and simple game?

Symmetry and comparison.
Initially, in order to stack them up the child must balance the blocks, compare like size items to make them evenly spaced and at an even height and make them parallel, they need to use symmetry to balance planks over the top.

Foundations of balance and construction. Not only is the symmetry and balance of blocks important but a strong foundation. Dimples and I discussed how we could make the stacks "extra tricky" by making them strong, we had a talk about how buildings need strong bases to hold the walls up so we started making towers that are wider and stronger at the base.

Technique; Cause and effect. after a big talk about how buildings are made and how we could make them stronger with even distribution and wide bases, Dimples found out through trial and error that he could knock the entire stack down if he aimed at the base and took out the foundation that held the rest up.

Hand eye coordination. Aiming uses visual tracking and perception with the coordination of gross motor skills.

Motor Control. The child may have to adapt the strength and speed of their throw, or the distance and height that they throw with, which reinforces motor control. This can be enhanced by using different types of throws to get better results, over arm or under arm and from different locations in the room, move closer or further away and try at an angle.

Counting. How many can they stack up? How many did they knock down?

Addition. Try stacking them up so that you have 3 different levels worth different points. A point for shortest, 2 points for medium and 3 points for the tallest. Add up your score!

Position. Build towers of different size (short, medium tall), in different positions (in front behind, between). Place an angry bird in different positions, is he under, above or next to the tower.

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