DIY Dinosaur theme Garden in Recycled Tyre

Do you have an old tire floating around? Tires can be re-purposed for so many things. We have one stuck in the ground to climb all over and another was recently turned into a dinosaur garden. 
We have been expanding our outdoor area, near by we have a cool Water Wall out of PVC Pipe, & of course our Magnificent Mud Kitchen that we are in the process of renovating (stay tuned for that), then we have some Outdoor Balance Stumps. Now for the DIY tire Garden, its cute, little and practical for any size yard and you could really do it in any theme...  Fairies, gnomes, bugs, farm animals to give you a few ideas!

To make this outdoor play space all I did was put the tire into position, spray paint it fluro bright yellow, fill with soil and then Dimples helped create a Dinosaur garden for play and to create a fun feel to his outdoor play space. First we started talking about what we need to do to keep the plants growing, how to look after them and then the discussion lead to herbivores & dinosaurs, their habitat and environment, what they eat/drink and so on which fueled his pretend play. 

We added a couple of soft succulents that are cheap and tolerable to harsh conditions. Then a curved piece of drift wood fit perfectly around the center of the tire, from there on Dimples added stones and shells. The dinosaurs needed a drink or a pool so we planted an old bowl filled it with water and then the finishing touches were of course the dinosaurs. After playing for a while Dimples added a small stick for a bridge and some lucky stones. It makes a cute addition to the outdoor play are and encourages outside physical and imaginative play

Learning Concepts:
Recycle & Reuse
Planting and keeping plants
Physical/Active Play
Connecting with the outdoors
Imaginative & Pretend play
Dinosaur Habitats & environments

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How do you get the kids to be enthusiastic about Outdoor Play?

I love reading your comments 

Happy Adventures


  1. What a great idea, I love the idea of putting it in a tyre.

  2. Love this! We have an area that is feeling abandoned in our backyard and I'm trying to come up with ways to entice the kids down there. This would be a great addition! (My daughter is dinobsessed). Pinning.

  3. Great way to re-purpose an old tyre. Love how you've created a outside space for imaginative play :)

  4. Such a fabulous idea. I wish I had such a lovely garden.

  5. pinned this on pinterest because it's fab.

  6. That is a very cool idea. I just love it! Pinning :)

  7. How fun and versatile too! Thank you for sharing :D



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