Mud Kitchen Outdoor Play Renovation

Summer time in Australia means outside play for us, we are lucky to have a large double yard with some big shady trees to play under. 
Over a year ago we made this Magnificent Mud Kitchen which has been well and truly used, enjoyed and utilized in many ways which adds to the outdoor adventures but it was time to update and add some more elements. There are some new storage pots, a few jugs, his own toaster (our old one with cord cut off) and a spice rack with jars among other things. 

Here it is.....


I love to encourage Dimples to play outside, although he is such a movie/TV lover, i think if I put the TV or a movie on he would sit in front of the screen all day!  So most days the television stays OFF all day, and to avoid the question of  "can i watch a cartoon?" and encourage some active, imaginative and outdoor play we have been renovating (so to speak) Dimples outdoor Play space; We have been working on a music wall, a large sandpit, A PVC Pipe Water Wall   and   a Dino themed play garden in a tyre. 
its a work in progress and it is coming along nicely. 

We have updated and renewed the Mud Kitchen in many ways....
First I laid down some rubber mats under the mud kitchen, then i dug a dry creek bed that goes under a sweet little bridge (just to add the element of imagination into the play setting) I bordered the entire area off and laid down some plastic, then got a heap of bark chip in so now Dimples Outdoor Balance Stumps are embedded in the bark chip. He still has his Pirate tree house there, hop-scotch and many climbing apparatuses.


I added some pots and utensils to the Mud Station and screwed in these cute Orange metal buckets across the front so that Dimples could store his cooking ingredients in them. They make the area more practical and more appealing as everything Dimples needs is within arms length.
He can now tie in some Nature Play by collecting his own seeds, rosemary from the garden, seashells when we are out, gum nuts, dandelions, pebbles and flowers to store in the orange pots and use in his cooking creations.

A favorite meal is still Wombat Stew.
He often cooks meals, chatting away to himself, narrating his own pretend play  "just a table spoon of this, a sprinkle of that, mix it, cook it for 15 minutes, add a handful of this" I love his role playing and listening to his vocabulary develop.
He enjoys pretending to be a Master Chef at the "Dog Club Cafe" and serves up dishes full of things from the garden, add some mud, water and sand to season then he gives it to our 3 dogs.
Get this.... they actually sit and eat it (or sit there and lick the water out but Dimples is convinced he cooks gourmet style).

Another coat on the chalk board renewed its life. Its been a great addition to the mud kitchen, it aids in early literacy by providing a writing surface to practice/pretend writing a menu. I usually write a menu up to read to Dimples of he will ask me to write certain things, like Wombat Stew and watch me.
The soft outdoor rubber Mats underneath mean we don't have grass popping up everywhere any more and if Dimples drops some ingredients they can be scooped right up and reused. They also give it an indoor feel, like its a real kitchen.
I think out of all our outdoor play and DIY projects this has been consistently the most used and enjoyed.

Do you have an Outdoor Kitchen?

What is the most loved ingredient to create with?

Happy Adventures 

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I love reading your comments 


  1. So jealous! Love this and look forward to one day making one. Love the renovation.

  2. You have the coolest backyard, looks great :-)

  3. Popping over from the Mud a Kitchens a FB page, this is gorgeous, what an amazing space to have in your garden. Would you consider adding this to a link up I host on my blog on Outdoor Play ideas? Your post is perfect for it & might inspire others to develop an area like this?

  4. This is amazing* brilliant idea for ur own garden. My son has a mud kitchen at pre school that he adores. May start buikding one of these in nannas garden!! (ours is shared for now :/ ) x

  5. That is so awesome! We have a little spot that we are thinking of turning into a bench and shelves. You're getting me all inspired to add a sink and stove as well. xx

  6. That looks like so much fun :) Where did you find the outdoor mats from?

  7. I agree with Kate - your backyard is awesome! My kids would love to play there. I like the addition of the blackboard too - makes me think I should move ours again as it doesn't get used at all.

  8. Beautiful layout and design. Lots of tools. Wonderful idea and looks like so much fun. Thanks for sharing. This is very inspirational for us here in the US, since there is still snow on the ground!


  9. Oh wow. Looks even more awesome than in did before! Thanks for sharing :)

    1. PS- Thanks for linking this post to Tuesday Tots. I’m featuring it this week :)

  10. This is amazing! Definitely pinning! Can't wait to make one of our own this summer (in the UK so we're still in the depths of winter over here lol) x

  11. This is brilliant! What a fabulous outdoor kitchen. Bet the cooking is yummy :-)

  12. Fantastic ideas - thanks for sharing!

  13. Very good points you wrote here..Great stuff...I think you've made some truly interesting points.Keep up the good work.



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