Split Pea Funnel Tree

This "funnel Tree" was easy to throw together and the tactile tub full of split peas was so much fun for Dimples to play around with.  I had a couple of bags of split peas hidden at the bottom of the pantry, who knows how long they were hiding for, I may or may not have planned to make pea and ham soup a few winters ago, 2 maybe 3? shhhhh Instead of tossing them to the trash we utilized them in play.

What you need:
Funnels - or plastic bottles with the ends cut off like this one used in our Barley measurement Tub or the one used in our coloured rice play
Ingredients - Split peas, barley, soup mix, lentils, old cereal, or corn.
Cable ties or tape
A tub
A pole, stick or stand.

All I needed to do to make the funnel tree was attach my pole to the tub, I just used large tape.
Then using cable ties I fastened on the funnels (they usually have a hole) I added a few plastic bottles with the ends cut off, using a hole punch I put 2 holes in them for the ties to thread through.
Lining them all up over the top of each other I fastened the cable ties, the larger funnels needed one around the spout to hold them against the 'tree'. That is it, that is the funnel tree! Make it as tall as you like and space the funnels however they work best.
Make sure you do a test run so you can adjust any funnels, you don't want one to flip out side ways and all the fun to get poured on the ground.

Dimples grabbed a plastic cup and started pouring.
He was so inquisitive about how it work and the inner scientist was released, he instantly explored the ingredients and how the funnels worked. He experimented with blocking the large one, trying to pour it from the middle. He tried to tap it around and shake them to see if it poured through quicker.
Dimples watched from the top as the split peas swirled around in the large funnel and had to adjust some himself so that the funnels lined up above each other.


Learning Benefits:
Pouring & scooping
Exploring the ingredients
Principles of gravity
Tactile sensory play


Ways to extend play:
Barley Math & Measurement 
Water Wall using funnels
Rainbow Rice Sensory Tub
Coloured rice Play

Happy Adventures


  1. It's amazing the fun they can have with funnels, huh? I gave my little girl one for her sand table and she had a blast. I like the split pea idea!

  2. What a great idea! I love that you used split peas. Most people have them in the pantry somewhere. Thanks for this post.

  3. This looks like fun! I think my two could spend hours doing this :)

  4. I love your funnel tree...have been wanting to do something similar but lacking inspiration!

  5. What a fun idea! Loving the changes here :)

  6. This is great! So many extension possibilities. I also love that you used recycled materials to make it!

  7. This is fantastic! Lots of extension possibilities. Great use of recycled materials!

  8. I am going to make one of these in our backyard. I just love it. Full of ideas you are!

  9. Such a great idea! Something to add to my 'to do' diary for when Little E is older! Thanks for linking up for Mummy Mondays!

  10. I just love these projects you set up for Dimples.

    Your first para was funny, I often find my pantry full of ingredients I planned on trying but never got around to.



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