Mud Paint Torture - Radiant Review and Give away

"Radiant Return proves that Radiant keeps your colours looking newer for longer".

Have you heard this and wondered if it were true?

Well I was given a Radiant No Sort liquid to try for myself and put this theory to the test.  As you already know if you follow this blog, we love mess! Messy Sensory Play, Playing in the dirt and in the Mud Kitchen, extreme Painting and slime making, all of which messes up the kids clothes good and well.  CHILDREN CAN NOT HAVE TRUE FUN WITHOUT GETTING A BIT MESSY!  Its a fact of nature and as parents of these some times chaotic, crazy and messy little people, we must accept this and learn to live with it, or do we?

So lets have a little fun kids, here goes...


Crafting with ink dabblers and markers 

Finger Painting with a 15 month old

Mud printing and stamping, our usual play outside in the dirt.


No sorting and one wash

I was certain that the ink would still be slightly stained on the shirt and that the yoghurt paint around the neck wouldn't wash out first go, but it did. I was very surprised! In fact I think I had more trouble cleaning the children than I did cleaning the clothes.

Watch the video below for a real life torture test done by two best mates and one of their girlfriends on the actual brand new clothes they bought from a shop, they washed them in their own home and returned it (like new) to unsuspecting retail assistants... Did Radiant No Sort pass the torture test?

Impressive, really impressive.

If you're not convinced watch the other hilarious (and real life) Radiant Tests at  or visit to see what others think.  It worked for us and is suitable for both front & top loader washing machines!
Radiant is available in 3 great variants, Brilliant Whites Sharper Colours, No-Sort and Sensitive. Each variant contains Colour Guard technology which is how Radiant keeps your colours newer for long.
For more information visit the website. 
This is a sponsored post, I received a bottle of the product to try, all opinions are my own.


Now, one lucky Adventures at home with Mum Reader has the chance to win 1 x $50 Big W voucher that I have to give away. To enter, simply leave a comment in response to this question...


'Which variety of Radiant do you most need in your house and why?'

Now closed ; Winner, Rachel McGuire



  1. It's so much fun to get messy... and much more fun for parents when we know it will wash out!

  2. Radiant "No sort Liquid" sounds the best for busy Mums and even gran mums, no need to soak and scrub those stains.
    Maria Mitchell

  3. No sort!!! Definitely no sort. Who has time to sort washing when you have little people who change clothes six times a day, painting, playing in the mud, spilling lunch over their shirts?? That would be fantastic.

  4. It's amazing that it can get all that out! My choice would have to be the 'no sort'. I never sort my colours and always just hope for the best. LOL

  5. Definitely 'no sort' I love the fact I can chuck my clothes in with my daughters pink clothes and be sure the colours won't run.

  6. Definitely the 'no sort' works best for us. It's great to know I can chuck my clothes in with my daughters pinks and be sure the colours won't run but still get all the stains out. Two advantages in one.

  7. The 'No Sort' version sounds like a marvelous invention, especially with my girls and their bright pinks, purples and reds :)

  8. Definitely no sort! Don't have to worry about colours running, and stains not coming out!

  9. It would be great to have just one dirty clothes basket in the laundry, rather than the three baskets we currently have (plus the pile/s on the floor!) Not having to sort the laundry will mean I can just put a load on each day without having to worry about separating everything. 'No Sort' is definitely my pick!

    email: debbiekayd @

  10. Oh boy! That's amazing! I'm gonna say 'no sort' because that's life around here!! I rarely separate anything!! haha!
    What a great test for this product!

  11. Radiant No Sort passes with flying colours!!! Brilliant product to be able to get all of the stains out, particularly paint and other varieties of mess that both parents and children come into contact with. It can be frustrating to be still left with slight stains after using other products that don't work as well as Radiant.

  12. Definitely "No Sort" for me. Just need them to invent "No Fold" and "No Put Away" now :) :)

  13. I would love the "no sort" radiant as the results speak for themselves!

  14. That is impressive! Some washable paint never seem to wash out but maybe this is the solution. Might buy some to try on one of my favourite dresses that I just got red paint on at school :(
    Oh, and with three kids at home of my own, I choose no sort for here.

  15. Wow that's amazing! And so fantastic that it comes in sensitive too! Unfortunately sensitive skin means we are usually quite restricted in our washing powder options, so I am really impressed that there's such an effective new sensitive option available. Thanks, I'll keep an eye out for it at the shops!

  16. We definitely go through our fair share of washing detergent here! I always use sensitive because my daughter has delicate skin.



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