Painting the Bath Tub

Painting the Bath Tub

Dimples loves getting paint all over his hands, arms & face.
So instead of giving him his tressle and tubs of paint, brushes and sponges, putting his art shirts on & trying to get him to keep the paint only on the brush or the paper (& failing in doing so) I let him go.... In the bath tub!

The rules were that he could paint the sides & bottom of the tub, keeping all the paint inside the tub.  He could paint any part of himself as long as he washed & cleaned it all off when he was finished.
That is what he did, he followed the instructions clearly and cleaned himself up.

I gave him a sponge, a brush and a roller then splatted paint through out the bath. He was in it and also had a paint tray full of paint. It got messy and watch out if you are trying this, it gets very slippery so we also said another rule of sitting / kneeling down to prevent a nasty fall.

He painted his feet, his legs and his hands as usual and then realised he had full range so he grabbed the roller and painted his belly aswell. He was covered in paint from the tip of his toes up to his chin. Then once he got that out of his system he painted a "beautiful waterfall" up the side of the tub and a shark.

It went well and the best thing was it was so easy to clean, as it was still wet it just washed down the drain & then he was in the tub already so he was clean and spottles within a matter of minutes. If you are a multi-tasker like I am, it is also too easy to clean the bathroom at the same time. While he was painting away I cleaned the shower and the vanity, Sorted through the washing and then cleaned him :)

Great fun.


  1. i love painting in the bathtub! what a GREAT idea!! thanks for sharing!

  2. What a FUN idea!! Plus then when you go to clean the tub you know where you haven't cleaned =-) Thanks for linking up to TGIF!! Have a FUN week,
    Beth =-)

  3. How fun!! WE have paints made for bathtime, but I didn't think about doing it without water. Thank you for linking up at Sharing Saturday!

  4. You are one brave mama! I would probably have an anxiety attack looking at all that paint! Would you please share this with our readers for Fun Stuff Fridays linky party?



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