CAT in the HAT photo

This is pretty self explanatory!  It was lots of fun-
First we read the cat in the hat and then we spread out a large white sheet & collected things that resembled the cats first trick.
it's fun to have fun, you just have to know how.
I can hold up a cup & the milk and the cake and the fish on a rake, I can hold the toy ship and a little toy man and look i can fan with the fan as i hop on the ball"  Dr. Seuss (the cat in the Hat).

OK so its a little different, but you make do with what you have. I wasn't going to give him a huge dirty garden rake so instead his little broom and I wasn't going to make him a cake so a cup cake with a paper candle will do, and I drew the fish in the bowl. I didn't trust giving him milk so a empty sippy cup worked well enough & well the hat is simply red paper strips glued on an A4 paper that dimples glued together himself- It was so funny.
I did have a toy ship. a ball& a toy (lego) man on hand.
After I showed him the pictures he declared "That was FUN, lets do it again!"


  1. What a WONDERFULLY, fun idea!! LOVE it. I shared it with my Facebook readers here: - Thanks for linking up to TGIF! Have a great weekend,
    Beth =)

  2. Fabulous, absolutely fabulous!

  3. What a great idea!!

  4. I thought this was, hands down, the BEST Dr. Seuss idea I saw! I included you in my post today so please stop by....
    Thanks so much for the inspiration! Brooke

  5. Love your photos! Great post. Following you from KBN.

  6. Hi there,

    My name is Amy and I write The Brilliant Blog for Children's Books. In honor of Read Across America and Dr. Seuss' birthday next week, I created a post featuring great ideas I found from around the blogosphere. I featured the activity from this post and credited your site with the activity and photograph used. The page can be viewed at:

    Thank you,




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