Mint Choc-chip Ice Cream Play

Does this look real or what?
After seeing some Ice-cream Dough Pinspiration Here I started craving for my favorite flavored ice cream; Mint Choc Chip. 
I thought it would be pretty cool to make this play Ice cream dough, that looks so realistic your kids might try to taste it in a minty green mixtures with choc chips, looking through my play supplies I also found a large tub of ground coffee so I decided to make a coffee scented ice-cream dough as well.

Working with corn flour can be difficult and messy (just a warning) what you need is a bowl with 1 1/2 cup corn flour, then you add 3/4 cup of cheap Hair conditioner your colour and your extract. Here I used a green food dye and a peppermint essence. For the coffee flavour I simply added ground coffee with the conditioner. Depending on the shop your at you may find some suitable conditioner that smells like.... Berries for instance if you were doing a berry ice cream dough. Then Mix; Its a good idea to get some little hands in there mixings it up for a bit of extra sensory experience. It smells so good!

As stated by the creator Play, create, explore, the secret to make it look real is to scoop it roughly and break it off, if you roll it in a ball and use it like a play dough it goes Super smooth and silky. It looks really cool and feels soft but not like real ice cream. See the original ice cream dough post by play -create -explore here:

For our Choc-Chips in the Mint flavor I added some black and brown beads. 
Then a selection of pom-poms, straws, cardboard cut into triangle wafers for decorating our ice creams.

Using scoops and ice cream bowls Dimples played with the dough and put together some funky looking Ice creams. They look so cool & they smelt really yummy. He put one into the fridge and when Adventures Dad came home from work he looked very puzzled as he opened the fridge and Dimples laughed Hysterically "I tricked you!"

I have tried this several times and failed, but we wont go there! Many bottles of conditioner have been sacrificed. The key to getting the mixture right is don't be like me, don't try and "wing it" you need to go off the recipe and have the cornflour in the bowl first. No water & measure your conditioner, if you have too much liquid it goes more like a goop than a dough. 

So now you have a super yummy scented Ice cream dough that looks very realistic, pop it in the fridge while you set up your pretend ice cream parlour, just long enough to chill it. Once the children are ready to play you will be providing them with an awesome sensory play experience; smells good, visually interesting, feels nice and cold. the only thing they cant do with this stuff is eat it.

Learning Concepts:
Sensory exploration
Pretend Play
Imitating Real Life

Ideas for Exploration:
Make your own wafers and ice cream cones from cardboard
Experiment with different flavors; chocolate (cocoa), berry (red color & berry conditioner)
Try our Ice-Cream Sprinkles Dough
You could make real ice cream, search pinterest or google for ice-cream in a bag
and Of course after all that ice cream play you could go ice cream taste testing at a real ice cream parlor.

Happy Adventures

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  1. I am actually drooling! Seriously, it look so real. Yum yum. Are you sure it's playdough?!

  2. This actually looks like ice cream! Yummmmmm :)

  3. OMG! That looks amazing. Choc mint ice cream is my fave too and I would have immense cravings and want to eat the dough!

  4. so cool! Love the scent you chose. We just did this too but different recipe. You cant go wrong with it:)

  5. Wow! They look sooo real!! I had to reread just to be sure the chocolate coloured one (coffee) wasn't real! haha!
    Will definitely try this with Miss Daisy - she LOVES pretending play dough is icecream.. we'll both have to refrain from really licking these ones!

    1. Yep, real coffee but still just corn flour & conditioner. I had to refrain from tasting it.

  6. Oh my goodness. It is crazy how much that looks like real icecream! I actually thought it was real when I saw your first photo. It looks amazing. So it's just corn flour and hair conditioner? That's crazy.

    1. Yep that's it & it smells so good. I keep looking at the first picture & craving mint icecream

  7. It LOOKS so much like the real thing!!

  8. Wow that looks awesome! Great idea for a playdate!

  9. Oh my goodness, what child wouldn't like doing this!? I think we'll have to give it a miss until my little one is a bit older though as she is likely to eat something that delicious looking (and I think I might too! haha) Great idea!

  10. Yum yum that looks like so much fun! My kids would love this activity, pinning for summer.

  11. What a treat to create and play with this. I can't get over how real it looks. Thank you for sharing your tips to achieve success with this. Elise @ Creative Play Central

  12. Wow, that really does look real! Now I want icecream, haha.

  13. This looks so neat! I want icecream now too LOL

  14. Looks so real....can't wait to give it a try although now i feel like ice cream thanks!!

  15. Oh My! I seriously want to eat it- it looks so real. I wish my computer had a scratch and sniff feature. Might be too dangerous for me to make it. He he!
    Off to see if I have any icecream in the freezer now.

  16. THIS makes me want to go out and buy some mint choc chip icecream right now!! How fun!!

  17. This looks like so much fun... but man I so want some real ice cream now!



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