The Pirate Room

The Pirate Bedroom for Dimples has been a work in progress since he was a baby.

The Mural taking the longest part to finish, and it is still not complete. It is very flat with some unfinished fish and objects on it. I did it for a few months solid as his room got renovated.
It has some nice sea creatures under the sea : octopus, eel, crab. leather jacket, blue tang, anenomie, clown fish, jelly fish, lion fish, turtle, clam, star fish, angel fish and more. My favourites are the school of bright yellow fish.
On top there is a pirate boat with a mermaid sculpture on the front, silly me only realised yesterday i haven't even got an anchor on it so there is yet, more work to be done. Ill get there (probably by the time he is a teen & is well and truly over pirates)!  It still needs details to make the sails look life like and some stuff on deck. As I said its flat and hasn't had an surfacing done yet.
Then there is a boy in a boat with a parrot, a light house on an Island, a hot air balloon and a single propeller plane pulling a sail.

The treasure box is complete with 3D jewels that have been super glued to the wall. It is full of treasures including a chalice, a sword, a plate, rubies and emeralds, a pearl necklace and coins.

On the opposite side is his very special Pirate boat bed that I found from KIDZ-KAVE-Bedroom-Furniture. He has a matching Wall Anchor that I love above it, courtesy of kidskave as well. His boat was a design I drew up and kidskave mastered and built. It has a built in shelf on the bed head for his soft toys and 3D waves along the bottom of it. It was designed as a toddler bed with a built in side. On the end of it is another anchor and on the side is a life buoy with his name.
I found a red paper light shade, a red touch lamp, and a funky red bookshelf to add. On the shelf is a photo of Dimples as a pirate. A skull ornament, a pelican statue and a lighthouse.

 The most recent edition is a boat shaped shelf that goes in the corner, it holds some more pirate/ocean theme play things that dimples has. Over his 3 years he has slowly got lots of ocean and pirate themed things and they all live in his room.
His favourite would be the little people pirate boat that he got on his second Christmas.
On the floor there is a funky circular shaggy mat, its shiny and matches the theme well. I got this from Ulladulla-Floorworld & it has been a good play mat to represent the ocean when dimples plays with his boat and ocean toys.

There is lots to finish, lots of things are half done. Like the curtains that i cut off, I need to hem them up (my sewing machine is out of order at the moment) & use the rest of the material to make matching cushions.  Lots of things to finish on the mural as well but its getting there and is looking pretty awesome so far.


  1. This is AMAZING!!! You are so creative & TALENTED!! My son would flip over a room like this!! It will be featured this week at TGIF!! You are welcome to go grab your featured button whenever - again WOW!! Thanks for linking up to TGIF! Have a great week & I'll see you Friday =-)

  2. wow that is a fantastic room. I have a little bedroom envy - wonder if I can convince my husband to do this in our room - he does love pirates!

  3. That looks fantastic Renee! I'm impressed!

  4. WOW! WOW! WOW! That is the most incredible bedroom. You're an absolute talent Nae.



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