Rainbows in Salt & Goop

Rainbow Goop Messy Play

Dimples had a couple of friends over for a Messy Rainbow Play Date.
This is the colourful fun that they experimented with.
There were 2 Sensory boxes: One with Goop (Cornflour & Water Mix), Another with Cooking Salt.
There were spray bottles filled with Coloured Water, cups with coloured water and droppers & some plastic spoons. I pre-made some Rainbow ice specially for the salt box to.

Miss K Mastering the Double Spray.
Dimples, Miss K & Mr J got stuck into it using the spray bottles, strengthening their little hand muscles and experimenting with the colours. The goop box was first choice!
Within minutes the goop box was a Master Piece of Vibrant Rainbow Colours.
Rainbow Spray bottles in the goop.
Using the spoons and droppers they swished the goop around and made a discovery.
The white goop underneath was still White.

So they experimented making wiggly worm shapes with the spoons and mixing the white through the colours.
The result was some pretty cool looking patterns.


Rainbow ICE and Salt Sensory Box

Coloured Paper under the Cooking Salt to add to the Rainbow effect
The Salt box was a great big box of messy fun.

Dimples and his friends loved this one.

They started dripping different colours and spraying the salt.
The effect was really cool, they watched as the coloured water soaked through the salt.
Then they started getting right into it: hands in, feeling and squishing the salt between their fingers.

 Rainbow ice worked well slowly seeping into the salt and making a vibrant Rainbow box
The kids filled up cups with the salt and realised on their still goop covered hands that the salt stuck.


  1. I LOVE all this messy play....each and every photo is just gorgeous showing wonderfully engaged kids in creative play.......and so many wonderful bright colours too! It has been a while since we have made some gloop, you have inspired me to get the cornflour out :)

  2. I love all these messy rainbow ideas! Really like your salt tray ideas...especially with the ice cubes...shall be trying them out soon with my toddler twosome!They all look so busy and like they were having so much fun!



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