Extreme Outdoor Free Painting

This was an Outdoor open ended free-Paint activity that was stacks of FUN.
All You need is cardboard, a large flattened box or left over packing cardboard is big enough, Paint and a bucket of miscellaneous objects that can make prints with.
Dimples gathered some bits and pieces including cars, trucks, plastic animals with good feet for foot prints, some plastic tool pieces (bolts and spanners), Some duplo Lego blocks, plastic play dough/cookie cutters and a rolling pin. 
Experimenting with shapes:  Anything will do really, as long as it can get covered in paint & then soaked in water after the fun.
Prepare for mess!
It was a lovely day so Dimples got down to an old singlet and underwear, I put the cardboard out in the open on the grass with some plates full of different coloured paints knowing well and good that it would get messy and let him go.
If you are prepared for an easy clean up, then an easy clean up you will get.
He was very enthusiastic about his Art work, using his entire body to make the Art Piece.
Give complete control with a smile on your face.
He Started with the rolling pin, running it across the cardboard and experimented with the different items he had collected. Lego, tire tracks and a teenage mutant ninja turtle were the favourites until he realised HE was covered in paint and Mummy was smiling about it.
Then he decided it was time for some body painting.
As usual Hand prints and foot prints to to begin with. Dimples tried on different colours and I asked him to do different types of movements like the animals he has collected.
Experimenting with mixing colours, printing, stamping, body painting and large Gross Movements as he painted was the most fun with Paint that Dimples has had in a long while.

Stomp like a dinosaur, tip-toe fast like a lizard, crawl sideways like a crab, Hop like a Kangaroo, Slither like a snake.
It was physical fun painting as he got right into it jumping, prancing and dancing his way around every corner of his canvas which is what made his Art work even more beautiful in my eyes.
The Best painting is Extreme painting with No limits and with No Brushes.
I gave Dimples complete control of the paint and he found that he could squirt the glitter glue right across the cardboard like an "explosion"he told me. He enjoyed smearing it in and trying to splat more out over his toes.
Once he discovered the body Painting he didn't go back to the Lego prints or cookie cutter shapes.
He rolled around, crawled around, spun around, danced and hopped all over the cardboard then laid in it painting up his legs telling me that he too was changing colour.
With No restrictions he really expressed himself and enjoyed himself.

The cardboard became a rainbow of prints and shapes, smears and splat marks. Dimples did as well, almost camouflaging into the work of Art.
After all the mess, it was too easy to just put his still wet with paint clothes in the washing machine for a rinse and him in the bath (which turned a lovely crimson shade).
For the hour or so of fun he had and the delightful expressions on his face as he enjoyed himself I can handle a bit of paint mess, even if it meant getting splatted a bit myself.

Do you think your child would have this much fun rolling around in paint?
How do you take ART & CRAFT outdoors?

I'd love to have you share your answer to that question and any ideas you have with me on my face book page.
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Happy Adventures  :)


  1. This is AWESOME!! It looks like a ton of fun and good for you for letting them be in control!

  2. Looks fun, but I'll have to Pin it for now. It's too chilly to do this outside now in the UK and I'm not brave enough to do it in the house!

  3. Reminds me of this gorgeous video I saw of little toddlers painting with complete abandon. It's so beautiful to watch, isn't it? Here's the video if you want to watch it. It's lovely. I bet Dimples loved it. The weather's beautiful at the moment, think we might get outside and make some mess tomorrow :D


  4. Love it!! I have just the cardboard boxes to use so no excuses...love the freedom. joy and mess in those pics...thanks for inspiring us to get messy!!!

  5. Love it, these types of painting experiences are the best fun.

  6. I have been crazy enough to do this indoors with 5 toddlers, covered the kitchen floor from end to end in butchers paper and painted their feet, the fun was immense,

  7. Oh, how fabulous!!! Exploration, fun and learning at its best! Great activity and photos Nae - love it!!

  8. Ah! Open ended play at its best!

  9. Oh, how fun!! I love it! Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!

  10. Oh wow, this looks like some wonderful fun! Love that you made it such a freeing experience :-) We paint outsides somedays, but not quite on this scale ~ I'll see if I can work up to it, at least with the hot weather we could just wash them down outdoors too afterwards!

  11. Oh! So much fun!! I just started a new saturday linky called Share It Saturday and would love to have you come by and link up each week! Thanks!

  12. What type of paint did you use?

    1. a few different types of kids paints. I Just look for non toxic washable ones or ones specifically for kids :)



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