Introducing Miss Cherub

Remember this post -- from-one-to-two-little-peoples ??

Dimples is now a proud big brother, we are pleased to introduce to you the second Adventures Baby "Miss Cherub," Born 11.3.2013 at 1.33 am, she weighed 4.26 kg & measured 58cm, the exact same as Dimples did.

I have chosen this name for her on the blog because she is so prescious and was an absolute angel during her entrance to our world. She was very kind to me; I had an amazing and short 1 1/2 hr labour (1 hr 15 minutes being at home) and it was relatively easy. I had done a fair bit of reading up on hypnobirthing, relaxation, calm birth and natural birth so I was able to breath through contractions without too much trouble and I really believe this had a lot to do with it.

I was 5 days over due and dreading a nasty medical induction (this is what happened with Dimples) so I had been trying every possible labour preperations theory since 38 weeks. Id had several "sweep and stretch's" done that confirmed I was 3 cm dilated and on the scale of cervical readiness I was 8-9. But still nothing as my due date rolled through and pasted. Miss Cherub had been 2/5's engaged for 4 weeks so I was getting very anxious by that stage.

On Sunday we took Dimples for a picnic on the beach, I got a thai curry hoping to speed things along, we spent most of the day exploring rock pools, walking the beach looking at shells and building sand castles, then we got some ice cream and went to the park. It was a normal lazy Sunday, then in the evening we sat back watched a movie and when it was bed time I read Dimples his story and left him with his lullaby music. The usual sleepy Sunday - "I love you to the moon and back, Ill See you when the sun comes up" I said, as I do every night, "I love you to the stars and around" he replied. By then I had forgotten about thinking, maybe she will come tonight, I wasn't expecting anything to happen.

It all began at Midnight, my waters broke, as they did with Dimples but this time I got contractions straight away, 1-2 minutes apart lasting 45 seconds about. I woke Adventures Dad, he told me it'll be Ok and it'll be a while yet so try to get some rest when its in the early stage.  Yeh right! I thought, but I let him rest, I tried and I couldn't.  As I timed contractions they slowly got a little more intense so I put some of the breathing and visualisation skills to work.  After about 20 minutes I woke him again and called my mum to come get Dimples, then I called the hospital to see what they had to say. I was able to talk to the midwife as usual and do my own thing so the assumption was that we would go get checked and come home.

I had always planned to stay at home for as long as possible so I could be in my comfort zone and cope my own way, Miss Cherub had a different idea though. As soon as I got in to the car I felt the need to push. The contractions werent as bad as I had been expecting and even I was convinced there was a few hours in it yet. I tried to do the quick panting to slow things down as we drove to the hospital, (which is literally 100 meters up the street). As I got to the door I waited for a break, as the contraction had stopped I got up and almost sprinted into the hospital.

The midwife met us at the door and told me to take my time. There was no time!
I made it to the midwife station as the next contraction hit, then I hit panic mode. This was all happening to fast, "she is there already, shes coming and I am not even pushing!" I said to the midwife as calmly as possible in the process of tearing off my PJ pants. She reassured that its ok, and helped grab my PJ's then realised Miss Cherubs head was there and went into a footy catching pose, I grabbed Adventures Dad and swung off him like a monkey jumping onto the bed trying not to sit because I could feel Miss Cherub was on her way out already. For an overdue pregnant women I'd never moved as fast as I did then! He had a stunned look on his face when he seen that Miss cherub was crowning - That'll teach him to not believe me again. The midwife was stunned too, she was expecting me to cruise in and get checked then be on my way, she was there by herself and not at all prepared for me running in having a baby before I was on the bed.

The moment I managed to turn over, they buzzed the doctor who luckily was already at the hospital, and about 10 minutes of pushing (it felt like 2 minutes) Miss Cherub was born. I got to hold her skin to skin straight away and feed her just like I had wanted, we got to spend the first few hours alone with her as all the other medical tests and so forth waited, just as we wanted. She was healthy, I was buzzing with adrenalin and Adventures Dad was so proud but still so absolutely blown away. After all this anticipation and preperation, all the readings and worrying about how and when she will come, and preying for a better birth then Dimples, it was finally over and we were holding our little Cherub.

In the days before hand my best friend had joked with me that second babies come fast, she will just pop out she told me. "POP OUT" I exclaimed, I highly doubt it. She gave me some kind words of encouragement as I was dreading having another long traumatic medically induced birth resulting in nasty interventions, and she told me that she has faith in me (By the way, I love you Boo xx). She joked that it will be a peice of cake. When I sent her a text message with a picture I wrote in it "peice of cake" and it truely was, I am very pleased with how it went. I am proud and blessed that this time around it was quick and exactly the way I imagined. I did it!

Now 2 weeks later, Dimples is a very proud big brother. He adores little Miss Cherub. He has been a good help and has shown so much love towards her. It is the sweetest thing, he wants to cuddle, kiss, pat, hold rock and touch his little sister and simply smoother her with love. Which admittedly can be a little overbearing. Its a new chapter, were still settling in and finding a new groove but we couldn't be happier.

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