Letter & Shape Matching Puzzle

So simple and easy for any age. This DIY puzzle takes just 5 minutes to gather and draw, you could do a new puzzle every day and it would never be a bore.
All you need are some coloured, numbered or shaped objects a piece of paper and some markers.
This Easy DIY puzzle could be adapted depending on the age and ability of your child. Try it with numbered fridge magnets, of coloured blocks. You could try it with different shaped toys or similar shaped items of different sizes.

I used a variety of alphabet blocks, different size and shaped triangles and different coloured blocks.
I traced them onto a piece of paper and put them all in a small basket for Dimples to sort through.
This was a great quick floor activity that used letter recognition, colour matching and cognitive manipulation of objects.

The Triangles were a little difficult, they were all different sizes and different angles. Dimples had to put his thinking cap on to work out which way they faced, to the right? to the left?
No, it still wouldn't fit, he figured out that he needed to flip the block to make it fit.
I put in some small blocks and balanced them on their ends, trying to outwit Dimples but he worked it out straight away.
If you use your imagination and go with your child's interests to see what type of puzzles you can make from every day objects, it'll provide a new fun way to learn and keep your child's mind active.

Happy Adventures


  1. Another great post! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love the simplicity of this...and that it can be done with items already in the home. Awesome.

  3. so simple and yet so COOL! I know someone who would love this!

  4. Love these simple yet effective play and learning ideas for kids. Thanks for sharing :)



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