Pirate Party - Invites & Decorations

A Pirate themed Dress-up Party for one fabulous 3 year old & his fellow Mateys!

Part 1 - Invitation & decorations
For Dimples 3rd Birthday I planned him a Pirate Party, big extravagant parties wont be a yearly occurrence that's for sure but this year we tried to go all out for his special day.
Dress ups, Buried Treasure, Pretend Pirate Play with a real Pirate boat and a Pirate Treasure chest Cake. Everything was themed in Red & Black from the table decorations, the food and the buckets of treasure...
What follows are the party ideas, food ideas, play ideas, decorations and the Pirate themed fun we had with our high spirited Pirate Crew!  this may take a couple of posts, so this is PART 1 & keep your eyes open for Part 2

First the Invitations:
A message in the bottle was given to guests. The Invitation was a scroll, printed on beige paper with a photo of Dimples holding a sign "I'm turning 3" & popped inside glass bottles with some sand, shells and a cork on top. Each was personally labelled by name.
The Invite was in Pirate Language with phases like " Set the date, dont be late or youll be shark bait" - "don ye best Pirate outfit or walk the Plank"


Fish net & skeletons

Red & Black Birthday Canvas-
 Dimples covered a big cardboard #3 with red & black buttons and glue for me, then I further glued it on red cardboard cut out the number 3 and stuck it on a black canvas we had painted the week before.
& little sculls & cross bone sequence were scattered every where.

Bubbles & Balloons and Streamers Everywhere.
(not that they lasted for the day)

Pirate flags-
Real ones and some I painted on old bed sheets.

Table decorations:
I didn't get very many photos of the table but one had a red table cloth with a black vinyl runner and the scull/cross bones scattered over it.  I wish I got some photos before the chaos began, when it was set up and untouched.
It had golden chocolate coins scattered up the centre as well and this table had a Pirate boat blow up drink cooler in the centre that held toddler pops in ice and some soft drinks for the adults.

The other Table was a Pirate table cloth with 2 red square place mats in the middle, one had "sea water" in a jug & the other had " Pirates Punch, again the table was laced with skull & cross bone sequence and golden chocolate coins.

Keep an eye out for the rest of the Pirate Party, including Games, Dress up Costumes and food ideas.

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  1. What a wonderful party! LOVE how you put invitations in bottles!!! I shared it on my Facebook page. Thanks for linking up to TGIF, Have a GREAT week,
    Beth =-)



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