Pretend cooking: wild berry muffins

Pretend Cooking : Wild berry Muffins in the outdoor oven

For some quick fun messy play in the afternoon sun Dimples cooked up a storm in his outdoor kitchen. 
He mixed together Water beads & Shaving foam until bumpy.
Added some red & some blue colour (food colour/water in spray bottles).
 Poured in some blue dessicated coconut.

Then he decided "this needs to be mixed by ARM" & squeezed the mixtures around.
I am not to keen on using real cooking ingredients just for the sake of it, but these were things Id had for a while that would be close to getting tossed anyway :)  The water beads have been used over & over again, the shaving foam... well you can grab it for $1 a can and you only need a few squirts for some fun messy play!

Add nuts & spoon into the muffin tray

Don't forget more colour for extra juiciness!!

Cook in the outdoor oven.  DONE!!! 
Then feed it to the dog  (who happens to be blue on this occasion)
Lots of fun.

Want more pretend cooking ideas?
Add some saucepans and cutlery, some measuring cups and spoons.
a cake tin or muffin tray, mixing bowl. Plates to serve on!
Extra ingredients can be added by raiding your cupboard and looking for end of, near date or never to be used again things. nuts, flour, oats, seeds, cooked pasta or rice. Add shaving foam, hair gel, coloured spray always works well on shaving foam.

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  1. This is just gorgeous! True open-ended, child led play. I have featured this as a favourite on It's Playtime this week- thanks for linking up!



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