Glowing Spaghetti

Glowing Spaghetti Messy Play in the Dark Fun Under the Black light.

I have been wondering whether spaghetti would work if I attempted to make it glow, Just as we do with glow water (Highlighter Ink & Water), Glow Paint (UV/Neon Paint) & Bath glow Foam (shaving cream & highlighter Ink).
So I thought, theres nothing to lose, I will attempt it & if it fails.... Well its just a bit of spaghetti.

I combined 2 methods: I cooked the Spaghetti in glow water, as I thought most of the water retention would be in this process. Then I put the cooked spaghetti in a zip lock bag, with a bad of neon green paint, a little more glow water and a drop of oil. I left it soak for a hour or so and...........
IT WORKED. Success!

Dimples had a ball with his mini tractors and dump trucks digging around in the glowing spaghetti under the black light. He mushed it around, made piles, scooped it up into the trucks and made tracks through it. He even put his hands in and buried them under the "glowing worms".

Through our experiments with glow water, I have found that Neon Green and Yellow highlighters always work best. This may look green, because I added some fluro neon paint but the glow water I used was ink from a yellow highlighter.
Dimples loved this type of play and was very inquisitive with the spaghetti, threading it through his fingers and exploring it by holding it up to the black light, then hiding it behind the box so it stopped glowing.

If you have missed our glowing Adventures, click on the Glowing Fun Tab under my header for my ideas.
If you have never tried using black light play, start here glowing-bath-play where you will find a link for how to make & use it :)

First you will need a Black light globe that you can get from your local hardward or lighting store. You can purchase fandango ones online that are enclosed but they are costly, we got our Black light globe for $13 and use it in a lamp with the ahde taken off. While in the Bath, I replace the globe on the ceiling light and it works just as good :)


  1. This is fantastic! Where did you find your black light?

    1. Hi Ness,
      Thank you :)
      I usually add it in but I havent on this post, You can pick up a black light globe at Hardware stores, maybe the lighting shop. We got ours for about $12 from Bunnings & I use it in a lamp with the shade taken off!

  2. this is just so fun!!!!! I need to get a black light pronto.

    I am featuring this as part of my "Messy Fun" features on this week's Sunday Showcase.

    Thanks for sharing with us.

  3. Isn't highlighter ink poisonous?

    1. No not at all.
      The highlighters I buy are specifically "non-toxic" it would be the same as letting your child finger paint for example.
      I guess, it is still a chemical and every one needs to make their own decision based on what they're comfortable with however when you make glow water and the like for UV activities like this one it is very diluted and only a very small amount of non-toxic ink is needed :)

  4. hi umm im having a party and was woundering could they eat it if not what can I use

    1. I don't think it would do any harm if they did eat it.
      If you were to use a smaller amount of ink while making the glow water or a larger quantity of spaghetti and make sure you made it with completely nontoxic children's highlighters it shouldn't be a problem.
      It is up to the parent I guess but in saying that, if you were to give your child highlighters to draw with & they put the tip of the marker in their mouth or sucked on it (which my son has done many times)I would think they would consume more ink from doing that than if you made glowing spaghetti with diluted ink so I personally wouldn't have a problem with it on the odd occasion.



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