Outdoor Surface Rubbing (A classic)

This is a classic. So simple, yet it can be so unique each and every time you try it.
Crayon Surface rubbing; I remember doing it at primary school and I loved it.
Dimples felt the same, he had so much fun exploring the outdoors for different textured surfaces.

First, when I asked Dimples if he wanted to do some surface rubbing he didn't understand the concept of a surface. rubbing what? he said. So we discussed what a surface was and brainstormed some surfaces within view describing the texture of each.

Then we went on a outdoor surface hunt. Dimples was enjoying himself outside on a beautiful day as he tried to find as many surfaces as he could to rub his crayons over. Not all of them worked well, he got the hang of keeping the paper still with one hand and shading with a crayon fast and on an angle.

The rock wall was a successful surface, the patterned concrete had some good grooves and he picked up some small rocks to try as well. The wooden fence worked well as the wood grain came through nice and strong.

The outdoor rubber mat worked well, it had a honey comb print that Dimples said looked like a bee hive. As he found different surfaces I asked him what type of surface it was, describing different textures and prints; bumpy, rocky, rough, grained, and so on.

Starting to take initiative Dimples explored further, trying out the dot grip on the step ladder, then he used the step ladder to do the fly screen on a closed window, walls on the house and the roof on his cubby house.

Of course no outdoor surface rubbing would be complete without some nature prints. Dimples collected some leafs and grasses from around the yard, we tried to get different size shape and textured materials to see what would work best.

Some of our surface rubbings turned out beautifully. It really is a great classic to enjoy with the children, outdoors. The inspiration is endless and why not enjoy a nice sun shining day outside hunting around for amazing prints and textures in nature.
Happy Adventures


  1. my son will love this! thank goodness for the internet- there are so many wonderful projects & games that are so easy yet i may never have thought of them all on my own! :) thanks for all the fun ideas!

  2. I really like this idea. My toddler would have lots of fun exploring the yard like this.

    I would love it if you would come link up at Artsy Play Wednesday - Kids' Craft Linky.


  3. We did it when i grow up but only with coins and etc. Love it!

  4. Great idea! Like Milli I used to love rubbing coins. Thanks for adding this to the Outdoor Play Party this week.



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