Stack Up Cup Game - 100 Day Challenge

Have you been checking out all the fabulous play ideas at the 100 days of Play blog Hop?
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My contribution to the 100 days of Play challenge is a easy game with materials your children have used already. All you need are plastic cups, Dice, and paper or plastic plates.  I had all of these things in my party box (I sound very organised but I am not).

The stacking up in this fun game builds on focus and hand eye coordination, children need to utilise steady hands with a focused mind and principles of balance to stack as high as they can. Using the die allows children to take turns yet work together, its great for number recognition and practice counting as well.
First, divide your paper plates between all of the players and have your stack of plastic cups ready where all can reach.

Player one rolls, then has to get the corresponding number of cups set them out with the plate on top. Easy right? Well it wouldn't be as easy if you rolled a one, in comparison to a four.
It gets harder the higher you can play to. The best thing is you can play on your own or with a group of people taking turns, you can play how ever you like.

Player two rolls, gets the corresponding number of cups and has to balance them on top of the previously placed plate from player one and so it goes.
The Player whose turn it is sets the foundation for the next player, so they must be careful to stack their cups up as equally and evenly as possible or the whole thing may tumble down. Its a fun game to build anticipation, how far can you go before all the cups crash down?

Dimples and I had a few games before we decided to ditch the plates and see just how good we could stack, still using the die to take turns we made towers, walls and patterns in the cups. You can stack them bottom to bottom or upwards using two below, you can put plates in between or you can start with a circle and build up. Dimples rolled a 6 and 6 cups do not fit on the plate so he very cleverly and to my surprise problem solved and put 3 lots of 2 cups stuck together.

It was lots of fun and so simple. Play doesn't have to be with fancy toys, good company and something from around the house provides a much better learning experience.

How high can you stack them?

Happy Adventures :)

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