Easy Kids Indoor Obstacle Course

Haven't done one of these in a while so when we have had a few yucky weather days Dimples has been getting a little bored of his usual play so I set this Easy Obstacle Course up inside for him.
In the past his favourite obstacle course would have been our Outdoor Obstacle course seen here. Being the one and only contender he was trying to outdo his personal best time.

 He started with some lounge cushions, I drew up instructions along the path. First he had to jump 6 times, then he had to hop over the lizard, then there was another cushion and this time he had to shake his entire body to the count of 6.
As he jumped off there was a balloon that he had to shot & score in a bucket before sliding and "slithering" under a tunnel- Tunnels are easy and the best part of an obstacle course, use chairs and a bed sheet or a small table.
 On the other side there were some spiders & snakes sitting waiting by the balloon so he had to watch out for them and grab another balloon, first he had to put the balloon between his knees and waddle like a penguin to the shooting line, then he had to shot another goal with his balloon.
Next he had to get onto his sit and spin and spin around 7 times.
This was great for his counting practise as he had to count without thought while he was distracted doing many other things.  After he had spun around 7 times and was a little dizzy he had to walk the tightrope ( a Zig zagged line of masking tape).

Then after that he had to jump on the spot and " tiptoe" over some cup coasters. Then he was on the home stretch the last part of the obstacle course was to grab his teddy and commando crawl down low to the finish line. Once he made it to the finish line, where miss Cherub was watching he had to put on a party hat and ring the bell.

Learning Objectives:

  • Gross Motor Skills
  • Locomotor skills
  • Bilateral coordination
  • Ball Skills
  • Sequencing & Memorising the steps
  • Hand eye coordination
  • Balance
  • Counting practice
  • Imagination (e.g. avoid the lizard, tip toe over the Lilly pads, save the teddy bear)
  • Strength & Agility
  • Doing your Best - Striving to beat personal Best

Extend with these Play Ideas:
OutDoor Obstacle Course
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Happy Adventures  :)

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  1. Great idea! Miss Daisy often sets up this style of thing on her own. I think I'll give it a go setting one up for her with specific focuses! Thanks for hsaring! :)

  2. What fun and yeah, who would have thought they could learn so much from an obstacle course?! So awesome!

  3. Great idea, lots of fun :)

  4. I've always wanted to do something like this! Looks like lots of fun (and beneficial too!) :)

  5. Love the snakes and idea of ringing the bell at the end...he looks like he is having such fun!

  6. You're so creative. I love this idea and perfect for when the weather isn't great. Spinning 7 times would make my head fall off but kids would love it. :)



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