Play-doh Printing, a Matter of Texture


Play-dough Printing : A Matter of Texture

Exploring surfaces and texture through imprinting in Play dough

Dimples enjoyed our Outdoor Surface Rubbings  so much that we have done it several times since. When he asked to do it inside I was a bit hesitant, I could see him accidently coloring in the walls and floors and so on in the house trying to get to different surfaces, so instead we explored different textures on a play dough surface.

Dimples went on a hunt for household objects, toys and things that had different or unusual textures, prints and surfaces.  He gathered a bumpy ball, some shells, net, a coin, a bathroom mat, a sponge, some Simpson figurines, some cocktail stirrers, lego. cars, craft nic-nacks, a button, a fork, some different textures toys and so forth looking for things that felt different and would print in the play dough.

After he explored different textures he turned his play dough surface over and rolled it out smooth and flat to try some more. The sea shells worked well, as did the bumpy ball and some of Miss Cherubs baby toys. Of course Lego and car tires work well with strong prints.

The options are endless, there are so many textures to explore and different shaped objects to compare. Dimples enjoyed the activity and went through everything we had collected a few times. In the end it was the cars and the Simpson figurines that were the favorites.

Learning Objectives:
  • fine motor strengths & skills
  • increased vocabulary of describing objects shapes, sizes, textures and feeling.
  • Objectively collecting textures
  • Observation
  • Exploration
  • Opportunities to experiment with their sense by touching, feeling, smelling, manipulating & seeing different results.

Extend with these Play ideas:

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Happy Adventures

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  1. What a great lesson for kids with so much learning. Love all the things you used with your play dough. Thanks for sharing this great idea!



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