The Butterfly Baby Room

I love decorating and designing, after doing Dimples Pirate bedroom I always dreamed of doing a little girls room. So when we found out we were expecting a little girl, miss cherub It was perfect! I also wished for 2 healthy babies, a pigeon pair would be perfect and so it happens I now have my 2 angels sent from above & decorating cute kids rooms is just another bonus that comes with the territory.

Miss Cherubs room is a butterfly theme featuring shades of pink purple and green.
We started with the base colors for the walls, light pink and a pale green. 
Green, the color in nature is meant to represent wealth, new beginnings and growth.
Pink, the color if love supports tenderness & comfort.
Purple, the color of spirit, is meant to connect you to a higher plane and experience compassion and a greater sense of humanity.

Butterflies mean grace, growth beauty and transformations.
On the feature wall there is a tree and flower border with fluttering butterflies every where among some funky 3D butterflies.

I found this cute diamanté chaise online and her Nanny crocheted a fluffy blanket throw to cover it. Yes, Her room is very girly indeed.  On the floor there are 3 spot mats/ circular rugs, I can see her jumping around from one to the other as if they are Lilly pads when she's older.
There's a cane toy shelf in the corner that I painted white to suit and a small toy cabinet under the window that has a caterpillar over it. Of course the curtains match, green pink and purple flowers with butterfly tiebacks.
It is such a girly room.
On the other wall there is a cherry blossom branch sticker and some more butterflies.
My favourite part of the room is above the bed, there is a canopy of lanterns in different shapes, sizes and patterns. Pom pom lanterns are really simple to make, I've done a DIY  tutorial Here, click to check out how easy they are
Among the lanterns are some more butterflies of course, clip on decorative ones.
She loves staring up at them.

My idea with the lanterns is that it is like a funky mobile, except it can remain there for years because Miss cherub can't reach it to pull it on her head. So there's always going to be an array of colors to look at. There is also a pretty pink chandelier fit for a queen, it's bright and sparkling, sure to capture her imagination and fantasy in years to come.
At the moment Miss Cherub is still in a cradle next to our bed and will remain there while I am still breast feeding her through the night so for the time being her bedroom is a play haven and she has her day naps looking around at all there is. She simply adores the 3D butterflies on the wall already and tried to swipe at them while I hold her close and the lantern canopy is definitely a hit, she is very content laying in bed staring at the array of colors.

Happy Adventures.


  1. I love the lantern idea! I wouldn't mind some in our room :)

  2. Such a lovely room. Love the 3D butterflies on the feature walls. What fun bug-inspired play! Thank you for sharing it at the Kids CoOp. So thrilled to be featuring this post as part of my bug-a-boo play roundup. xo Pauline

  3. What a gorgeous room...she will love it for years to come!I'm going to have to try some of those pom pom lanterns!

  4. I love the 3D butterflies on the wall too. They are so pretty. My little Sarah would like those :) And the cherry blossom branch is beautiful too. I love all things Japan :)

  5. What a gorgeous room, full of colour and all things beautiful. The symbolism behind the colour choices and butterflies is so sweet. Such a delightful room. Dimples pirate bedrrom is amazing too. The mural is fabulous. You have created two stunning rooms for your children. Elise @ Creative Play Central.

  6. Nae that is amazing and looks incredible. I love the thought and meaning you've put into the room for Miss Cherub

  7. Oh, it's so pretty! This makes me realise how slack I have been with Rocky's nursery. Still no pictures on the walls or any decorations. What he doesn't know won't hurt him :P



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