Halloween Party Food

Halloween Food Ideas for a Fun Kids Party.

Once again we had an awesome party, lots of fun, lots of goodies and the kids enjoyed them self. But my party planning, hosting, entertaining, cooking, photographing, decorating, and Dress up roles were an overload. Unfortunately, as usual the photographer role missed the action. I did get many random snap shots of the kids playing but not many of anything blog worthy.

Labelling things is a easy way to colour coordinate and make things suit your theme. You can come up with funny or creepy names, or simply put guests names on things.
I labelled some water bottles as Swamp Water, Blood, Toxic and so on to suit our theme, I put a very small dash of colour in each.

Frankenstein Muffins;
These little Frankenstein heads were take home treats. They are vanilla flavoured muffins with some green in the cake mix and green icing. The Black hair is crushed Oreo biscuit and they have chocolate eyes and smarty noses with an icing mouth. Cute and Yummy!

Googly Eye Jars:
I glued a pair of googly eyes to the glass bowls to make them into Bowl monsters.

The Treat Jars:
We had 6 different jars, like a lollies buffet, each with their own themed label.
Bat Poo - Licorice and mixed chocolate coated snacks
Creepy Crawlies - Sour worms and grub lollies
Bits of bones - A BBQ cracker mix
Witch fingers - Chocolate fingers with an Almond flake nail (melted on with chocolate)
Ghost Teeth - Popcorn
Candy Corn - candy corn of course
Treats - small chocolates.

Zombie Snot Dip:
This was just a dip platter, the dip was a gherkin dip with some green food colour and a label of course. Celery, carrot, cheese, crackers, cabonosi and gherkins to dip with.

Jack o lantern Faces:
Slices of Orange with black faces draw on the skin. Simple and Healthy.

Strawberries dipped in White chocolate with little chocolate iced ghost faces.

Eyes in Slime:
These were cups with Green jelly, once almost set you insert a spooky eye ball lolly treat in the top.
(look above in left corner)

Pumpkin Heads:
These were also Just jelly cups. Orange Jelly with a Pumpkin face drawn in black on the outside of the cup.  Dimples is enjoying this one below (with his fingers i might add)

Monster Toes:
I wish i got a picture of these. They were little Frankfurt's, with a toe nail shape cut out, then they were cooked, and wrapped in stripes of pastry so that the toe is hanging out. They look like a bandaged up monster toe and I labelled the Tomato Sauce bowl as blood.
You can find the inspiration for these on my Pinterest Halloween Board as well as many other ideas.

Jack o Lantern Bites:
(top photo on left)
These were small mini Quiches made with egg, milk, cheese, spinach, zucchini and bacon. (I did add some Orange food dye so that it looked orange in colour)
On top I put a roof of pastry in the shape of a pumpkin and also stuck pumpkin tooth picks in them.

Happy Halloween

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