Making Colourful Clouds from shaving cream

Shaving cream & hair mousse, Sensory Play!

This is a messy fun activity for older kids who don't have sensitive skin allergies & who WONT put it in their mouths.

*All you need is some space, preferably outdoors or on a vinyl/tile floor, or at a glass table with something protecting the ground. Be careful where you situate it because it is bound to get flung, flicked and thrown somewhere (not good for carpeted areas).
*Shaving cream, an inexpensive can or/and Hair Mousse. Which you can pick up at the bargain shop for a couple of dollars.
*Food colour or dye watered down into spray cans, You can also use medicines droplets or similar.

We did our play in the yard as it was a nice sunny day & we had a bucket of water near so that my little man could wash of his hands if he didn't like the feel of it. Some children are tactile sensitive & this type of play would need encouragement to evoke their senses.
It teaches them about material, the mousse worked well & I explained to my boy how it expands as air gets on it.

We called our game, colouring the clouds & experimented with yellow, blue & purple sprays.

We also threw one bar of soap in the microwave for a minute & watched it puff out, expanding with air through it. You must be careful as it stays warm on the inside for a while but I thought this would be interesting to put in amongst our clouds as it has a different feel, it cools hard & can be crumbled. It didn't take the colours on as well though and really REALLY stunk out my microwave...

We used the top of a glass table & put our clouds on the smooth surface. My little one was too intrigued by the spray & had his cute face of thought on as he tried to work the different spray bottles in the right direction. This was a task in itself.

You can see in the picture that the blue worked worked well, then the yellow. Red would have been awesome but i had ran out, I already had a purple mixed up for when i dyed & made dinosaur eggs for him (that's another post for another day) so I just used that.
He had a ball, the colour mixing lasted a short while & then he was more interested in plopping, smearing and feeling the ''clouds".

At one stage the mini foxie came for a look & got covered in blue spray. My boy thought that was hilarious but the dog went & hid, just another reason for it to scam out new hiding holes until the 2 year is out of site.

& then the cloud play turned physical. He had a mass amount on his hands & flicked them up & down so it splatted every where, that was all good, then he cracked up laughing at me because a majority of it had landed on my head :) So then that started a new game, lets turn mummy into a big cloud & change her to blue.
It was a mild shaving cream fight until he slipped in it, then it became a rolling in the clouds game & so it went on until we were both a real mess, had loads of fun & needed to be washed ourselves.  On the plus side, it was scented shaving cream & smelt really nice.


  1. All your ideas are great Renee. I especially love this one. I've done this inside in a restricted way before but taking it outside so they can go wild is genius :)

  2. Yes Try it out side on a nice warm day, It was awesome Fun... Priya will have a ball - Be prepared to get covered in clouds though lol. Have Fun :)



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