Tomato & Marble Art

I am sure that would have gotten your attention. So what is tomato Art? Well, I dubbed it tomato Art because when we did this paint project & i was explaining to my little boy that we need some circular objects that will roll around in the pan he walked past the cherry tomato tree & picked a few off (this was just a random tomato plant that had popped up in the yard, it wasnt bought or planted so it was ok to snag some for artful purposes)- At the time i was amazed, he was actually taking in what i was saying, evaluating it & he used his imagination abstractly to pick the perfect tool for our project.

What you will need. & you dont need to use cherry tomato's you can use whatever you have suitable.
*A cooking tray that will fit A4 paper in it & higher sides.
*circular objects (marbles, pebbles, cherry tomato, small balls)
*A4 paper or cardstock that will fit in your tray

You put a blob of paint onto each of your circular objects or in random places on your paper.  Put as much of as litle as you wish.
Then your little one can shake, swirl, tilt, and move the tray about so that the balls move around to colour the paper in unusual patterns.

We experimented with different sized balls and stones, & my little boy had a rubber lizerd in his pocket so he wanted to do 'lizzy prints' as well.

The final art itself looked awesome. I used acrylic paints that I have had for my own painting but i think it would work much better with water colours or some paints that are a bit thinner than acrylics.

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