Play dough tracks - Bike track & foot prints


This is one of our favourite things to do inside.  You can adapt it & allow your child the initiative to expand and invent new ways to play.  My little one never gets bored of it!

We have done this before with farm animal foot prints, construction trucks, bikes, hands, feet, put plants in ect. On this occasion we started off with it being MUD.
I attempted to make it brown, added a little green glitter in!

First we made our dough
*2 cups of flour
*1 cup of salt
*1 cup of water with your food colouring if desired.
*You can add glitter if you want.

My little munchikin went to work making tracks.  Exclaiming that the play dough was mud with a big muddy hill!
His older brothers, his Daddy, and his Uncle all have dirt bikes and have built their own real dirt track so this was very appealing to him.

MUD Jumping! he would exclaim, we made a jump a corner and I was in my glory watching his creative little mind wander. He was right into it, "KTM goes UP!" he would say as it jumped over the jump & then it did go up, right above his head where it flipped around, went side ways and then came down to land on the jump.
Mind you, all the sound effects were happening aswell.

By his own lead, my 2 yr old then wanted to do handprints..........  Then feet prints!
I wonder what it felt like inbetween his toes.

We have done this a few times and most often then not, my 2 year old brings out the animals.....
This time he done faces, At his Family daycare they once did 'clay fossils' so I think he got the face & the sharp teeth imprinting idea from his lovely daycare Mumma, then he did the dinosaurs spikes & tails as well, experimenting on what the imprints would look like.  Then he would ask me to turn it over (which meant turn it over, smooth it out & start fresh).

In the past we have used a bulldozer, fences, trees and kangeroos.....

We have also experimented with BIG animals vs. little animals, big prints & small prints.  Long toes & short toes, long tails and no tails. two legs vs four legs.
You can really do whatever your mind comes up with!

Happy Play doughing....

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