Halloween Discovery Bottle

This is an easy fun DIY activity in preparation of Halloween. To get in the spirit we put this discovery bottle together in just 10 minutes and Dimples enjoyed exploring it all afternoon.

Using an empty Pom juice bottle we added-
  • Glucose syrup
  • Halloween Sequins
  • Eye Ball buttons
  • Orange Glitter
  • Black and red buttons
  • Small plastic spiders
  • Star sequins

We played I SPY, and named things starting by letter such as Spider, Star, Bat, button, Pumpkin, Eye, Orange, Black, White, Red, Slime & Glitter.  Dimples enjoyed helping make this one because of its funky shape and the messy time we had getting the glucose syrup in. These are so easy and simple, the best thing is though, anyone can make them out of recycleable materials and things you find laying around in your art/craft supplies, or even every day materials. Just remember to glue the lid shut!

6 months - 18 months:
Discovery bottles are great for developing observation skills, predictability and thinking skills.  For young children they are great for gross motor, grasping, passing from hand to hand, twisting, turning, shaking, they aide in the development of focused concentration. High contrast colours should be used for younger children to develop their sight perception, depth and visual focus. They are great for sight and sound sensory development and when used with more than one child can help in sharing, interacting and swapping.
18 Months- 4 years:
With older children they can be more detailed and used as  I Spy bottles to introduce letters, numbers,  themes and some science lessons such as separation, depth, gravity, density, sinking and floating. Again it helps with predictability, cause and effect cognition's, observation skills, focused attention and thinking skills.

They can be used for experiments such as sink or float, separation using water and oil, gravity with non liquid ones or like you seen here the Halloween one explore concepts of density and depth. Themes can be taught also, like the use of this Halloween theme. With non contrast similar colours and softer colours older children need to pay attention to objects presence.
If you want to make it more interesting for younger children, enrol their skills and help. Get them to choose what they want to add in to the bottle, how many and get them to help measure and pour anything in via a large funnel as I did with Dimples. This one is his favourite because he made it.

Happy Adventures :)


  1. Oh, no. I think you are going to get me back into making these bottles again. They are kind of addicting! I love your halloween bottle!

  2. love the halloween theme to the bottle. What fun. Fb sharing and pinning as one of my finds on the kids co-op this wek. Jaime@FSPDT

  3. Oh, how fun!! I love the Halloween theme! Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!!

  4. thanks for sharing.

  5. Have you tried using anything else other than glucose syrup? I want to do these at my son's Halloween party - but buying syrup for a large group is a little pricey. I am wondering if there is an alternative without losing the effect of the syrup?

    1. Hmm good question, I've used glycerine & corn syrup. I can't remember if corn syrup was cheaper.
      You could maybe use clear craft glue and make sure the Bottle is completely sealed, I'm not sure how long it would last though. Also if you used smaller bottles with less it would go further. Good luck & sorry I'm stuck for ideas...



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