My Very Hungry Caterpillar

Our favourite book of all time is Eric Carles The very hungry caterpillar, so when my little bookcase announced the Create a picture book tableau challenge I knew we had to participate and I knew just the thing we should do. Click the link to see more!

We sat and read our all time favourite cuddled up on the lounge. I have read this story over and over since Dimples was a baby and he still never takes his eyes off it as I read. It would be one of my favourites as well, such a fun colourful book with an educational element and the unique style of fun sized pages with holes through them, it really brings it to life.

I asked dimples what he would do if he turned into a hungry caterpillar and he told me he would eat fruit and grow into a butterfly. When I asked him if he wanted to be the hungry caterpillar his eyes lite up with curiousity.  First we made a sun from circular paper and some feathers, we put up a back drop sheet and found dimples caterpillar sleeping suit. Also from when he was a baby, it still fits but more as a dress, his legs hang right out the bottom.

Dimples helped as we gathered an apple, a pear, a passion fruit (standing in for a plum, they're not is season at the moment) a strawberry and a orange.  You can't see but my very hungry caterpillar has already taken a bite from the apple, the strawberry and stuck his thumb through the orange. 

He is very photogenic, when its just me he is an absolute poser, but can be very camera shy for strangers. There goes my chance of a Santa picture again this year. I think he is just so used to Mummy with a camera in her hand that it doesnt phase him.

In the past, early in on my blog, we have done some Very Hungry Caterpillar crafts:
 Very hungry Caterpillar Painting using Jar spinning technique.

We didnt just read the book and take some photos, we read the story and talked about all the things in the book. The fruit, how many, the process of metamorphis, the days of the week and ofcourse, the junk food that gives him a tummy ache. As we re-read the story Dimples acted out the story, doing crazy eye movements as he looked for fruit. Rolling around with a tummy ache and pretending to POP out as a butterfly. Then we cut the fruit up and had it for afternoon tea.
This is very happy hungry caterpillar as a 6 month old grub :)

Dimples exploring fresh fruit and veggies in his caterpillar suit when he was just 6 months old


  1. Nae- this is incredible, and has me grinning from ear to ear. My favourite part of the post was reading that Dimples had already began eating the apple and poking his finger in the orange. Sounds to me like he understand the character very well.

    I just love that sleep suit. Where did you get it?

    Thanks for taking part in our challenge.

    1. Thanks Jackie, thats made my day! We had an awesome time creating it...
      I got the sleep suit off Ebay years ago but I have still seen them on there, you can also get a gorgeous pea in the pod one that I was tempted to get :)
      Let me know if you cant find it and I will look & email you the link.

  2. So, so cute....i love your pics and wonderful model! Puts a whole new dimension to the story!

  3. This is SO cute. We love the hungry caterpillar too. I think I'm going to have to join this challenge.

  4. We love that book and your that sleeping suit rocks. Pinned. xoxo P

  5. Awww, so cute! We're having a very hungry caterpillar bday party here in a couple of weeks! (argh! lol) Love that book too :D

  6. Oh, how fun and how cute!! I love it! Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!!



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