Ice cream Dough and Sprinkles

Today's outdoor activity was a messy, sensory play all rolled into one fun dramatic pretend play session. We took it outside to enjoy the fresh air and the lovely smell of spring flowers while saving on the mess factor.  I made what I will call Ice cream dough from a large cheap bottle of baby powder and 1/2cup of baby oil, coincidental both were lavender scented. Our ice cream dough smelt wonderful and felt silky soft.

Delicious Looking, sweet Smelling, Silk soft to play with and oh so fun.

I mixed it up in a large tub and served it to Dimples outside with some small different shape bowls, a measuring cup, an ice cream scoop, some plastic spoons, some sprinkles and some Pom poms.

First I made him a bowl of Ice cream, a few moulded scoops with a cherry on top and gave him the spoon. He grabbed the spoon and hooked in (instantly falling into his dramatic pretend play mode) 'yum yum delishhh-us!' he said. It was a funny moment because I had never heard him say this in context before.

He took the role as ice cream maker very seriously and set to work making me a bowl of ice cream, 'try it' he insisted, watching me when a huge dimply grin. 

The game went on and on, Dimples enjoyed scooping it all up and patting it into bowls and the measuring cup, as you would with sand castles then carefully putting them upside down to get them out. I think he mostly enjoyed smashing the balls of ice cream I made up and of course generously sprinkling on the 100's & 1000's.
The ice cream dough looked so appealing with its rainbow sprinkles and it smelt so fresh. I am glad we took it outside though, it was definitely an outside activity. There was white powder and crumbs every where, Dimples tends to throw his hands up when they are covered on something and flick them over head like a chopper so that stuff flies off in every direction.

Tap and flatten the bowl full of Ice cream face down.

Dimples had an awesome time building, forming and patting the dough into ice cream and mastering how to scoop it packed in to the bowl or scoop and then slowly sliding it out. Through experimenting he learnt how to perfectly build a dome using a bowl and had lots of hands on play with scooping, pouring, smashing, patting, measuring, using the spoon, measuring cup, sprinkles and bowls to pretend make ice cream. He also learnt that the dough was very fragile and cracked easily.

slowly does it

Big smiles. Successful!

Happy Adventures :)


  1. This is seriously really awesome! My kids would love this!

    1. Thank you Kendall, give it a go it was so easy to prep & I think I had just as much fun lol!

  2. This is absolutely awesome! I am adding this idea to our list of play ideas for school holidays next week. I have shared on FB!

  3. Another one to add to my to-do-list. Our ice cream scooper finally quit tonight so this is a great excuse to get another one! :)

  4. Cool! If you use baby powder and baby oil does it last? The last batch of cloud dough I made was somewhat disappointing in that aspect

  5. Another simple activity for the kids this holiday! So awesome. It looks just like ice cream!

  6. Gorgeous messy messy play! Featuring you in my roundup of the Weekly Kids' Co-op :). xoxo P

  7. Oh, how fun!! I love the idea! Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!!

  8. I really have to make some of this as it certainly looks fun and i love your ice cream twist on it...can't wait to try with my girls!!Love those sprinkles and scoops...what a great idea!!

  9. Yay- I saw this post last week and forgot to comment.
    We gave this a try and added some cocoa to the mixture for chocolate ice cream. My daughter had a ball.
    Thank you.

  10. Oh I LOVE the addition of the sprinkles. It must have been wonderful with it all smelling so lovely. We love cloud dough. What a lovely alternative to use baby powder.

  11. Sprinkles make such a fun addition. I've been thinking about how to breath new life into our cloud dough and they would be a lot of fun. That or glitter I think. Bet my daughter would love to have a go at it with the ice cream scoop! Thanks for sharing :)

  12. Great fun, and no calories! Even better.

    Thanks for linking to the Sunday showcase.



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