Foam Pumpkin DIY Bath Puzzle

How to Make a Easy DIY Pumpkin Bath Puzzle

Make bath time a fun learning experience with this easy foam bath puzzle.
Did you know that when wet foam sticks to the wall tiles? so you can make any type of puzzle in any theme and at any level of difficulty depending on what colour foam pieces you have and the interests and skills of your child.

Finished Puzzle and one very Proud little boy.

I had an Orange foam piece so in the theme of Halloween I cut out a pumpkin shape head. Using permanent marker I drew on a happy jack-o-lantern face. Then cut it into a puzzle! Depending on the age and stage of your child you could do a puzzle with 4-5 horizontal pieces or cut it in to many smaller intricate pieces.

Step 1: Cut and draw your pumpkin, then cut your puzzle pieces.

I floated the pieces face up in an orange bath and Dimples had fun piecing the puzzle together. I added some food colour, and black pompoms in the bath to make it extra fun and Halloween themed.

Step 2: Pour your Halloween Bath and float the puzzle in it.

The Pumpkin was a challenge but Dimples managed it with a little bit of focus. I refrained from jumping in or offering too many hints, I waited for him to ask for help and because he accomplished it all by himself with only a little help from myself he was extremely proud of himself.

Step 4: Let them go and offer hints if needed.

  • Have distinguishable features so that your child can see an Easy start, for instance the grooves in the Pumpkin Head at the top or 'hair'.
  • I did all the pieces with straight cuts but one different wavy smooth cut through the centre so that this was a definite win for Dimples or a start point and you should have a clue, like a corner of an eye or a smile.
  • Have a bit of the drawing/texter on almost every piece to distinguish the front of the puzzle from the back, when there are too many blank pieces that look similar it gets difficult because the child has to decide which way the piece faces, back or front as well as in what direction.

If you were wondering, the Permanent marker hasn't come off the Pumpkin Face at all, it didn't smear or run at all and after use the foam pieces dry almost instantly. Dimples has done the puzzle 4 nights in a row so far at Bath time and the puzzle hasn't changed or faded at all.  Each time he is very pleased with himself and then tells me that the pumpkin has gotten old, and is crumbling away as he knocks it back into the bath. Knocking it all off after his success is just as fun as making it. Then we just stack the pieces up and put it up for next time.

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  1. I didn't know that felt stuck when wet! Awesome! My son will love this, he is all about puzzles.

  2. Thanks for your comment Michelle,
    Yes and it's so easy to cut and work with, the possibilities are endless

  3. I would be so worried about the food coloring turning my tub orange, but it doesn't? I love any idea that keeps my kids entertained in the tub so I can get a few things done in quiet :)

    I want to let you know I'm sending you the blogging Liebster Award! Your blog inspires or lightens my spirit each time I read it.

    Please visit this post on my blog for information on accepting your award and sharing with the bloggers who inspire you!

    Eating the Nibbly Bibs

  4. I will have to do this with my daughter. She is a pro at puzzles and loves them!

  5. What a wonderful idea!! We will definitely give this a try. Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!!



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