Witches Brew - Pretend Halloween Cooking

How to Make Witches Brew - Messy Pretend Halloween Cooking.


Witches Brew Ingredients:
  • Intestines (Spaghetti dyed with Orange, black, purple or bright green colouring)
  • Poisonous spiders (Orange coloured Ice cubes with Plastic Spiders)
  • Trolls Eye Balls
  • Magical Halloween Sprinkles
  • Bright Green Glitter Dust
  • Black Rats
  • Table spoon of cooking oil
Dimples spent the morning enjoying the sunshine and mixing up some gruesome witches brew.
He loves pretend cooking so this Halloween Themed Sensory play went well. He particularly loved the bright coloured intestines. He sang his own little song about mixing a spooky witches brew, adding the rats and did a little evil Cackle.

Benefits of this type of Messy Play:
  • Encourages children to manipulate materials, explore and experiment which in turn equals rich learning experiments.
  • Is process driven, not product, so it is the rawest form of sensimotor processing and exploratory learning.
  • Helps develop and fine tune Communication, literacy and verbal skills through discussion and "play talk"
  • Gross Motor skills such as stirring, mixing, pouring, shaking.
  • Everyday life skills such as sharing, turn taking, conversation, cooking skills and using cooking tools.
  • Sensory Play builds and strengthens important neural pathways in the brain
  • Mathematics through measurement, size, sorting, dividing, counting.
  • Scientific concepts such as mass, density, texture, temperature, and processing how materials are work
  • & of course Creativity.

After adding some water and a squirt of hand wash Dimples watched the colours run into the water and the orange ice. Out of curiousity he decided to smell it.

Dinner is served!
Every time we do pretend cooking Dimples tells me he has cooked me dinner and insisted i 'taste' it.
Below is the restaurant class Witches Brew that he cooked up for me



  1. It actually looked appetizing until you added the water & Dawn! LOL! I found you via TGIF Linky Party and will follow!

    Diana Rambles
    Bento Blog Network
    Link Rink

  2. Oh, how fun!! What a great way to introduce Halloween fun to a child. Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!!



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