Penguin sensory box: styrofoam Ice & waterbeads.

Styrofoam Ice & Blue water beads with penguins.

Using Broken pieces of Styrofoam box as ice capsules for the penguins to sit on & bright blue water beads as the water Dimples played in the penguin sensory box for hours.

Like as if it were in water the Styrofoam didn't sink in the water beads. It was a fun experiment and we talked about where the penguins lived and how they lived on ice capsules and were able to escape from predators who live in the water like killer whales and lion seals by jumping up onto the floating ice.  Happy feet the kids movie came into our conversation a few times because the penguins are off this movie and Dimples adores the movie.

If you push the Styrofoam down under the water beads it slowly floats back up to the top. So Dimples experimented by putting the little penguin figurines on it and seeing if they could balance and stay on there as they floated on an angle up to the top, & popped back to the surface (just like ice does) they did stay on it most of the time.   He tried covering the Styrofoam with water beads but they just rolled off. The penguins had a good swim around diving under and over the rock and ice.

Eventually he broke the Styrofoam up into small pieces for each of the penguins but they still wouldn't sink or stay under the "water".  I also put in some foam packing that you get in delivery boxes and the water beads made it do strange things. this was something interesting for Dimples as well, the pieces stuck together and got some what sticky so through play they ended up slightly touching each other and eventually clumped together.

Dimples loves water beads, he never gets bored of them.


  1. Where did you get the water beads from Renee? I'd love to try them out :)

  2. Oh that looks fun, might have to hunt down some water beads.

  3. That is amazing!! About how many bags/ounces/pounds of water bead you use?

  4. The waterbeads can be bought off eBay or as decorative beads in the garden section of bargain shops.
    Your better off getting dehydrated ones and making them the night before, I normally do a teaspoon or 2. We always have some made up! I love them, cute in vases and as party decorations and good to play with

  5. LOVE! I'm creating some winter/arctic animals small worlds for our homeschool preschool. This one is perfect!!



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