Child-led Baking & Decorating - Easy Christmas Gingermen recipe

For the Silly Season we have a Magic Elf visiting, sent directly from Santa himself.
One night he raided the pantry and pulled out some ingredients. There was a lovely recipe waiting for Dimples when he woke up and all the things he would need to make some Yummy Ginger Bread Men Cookies. He wanted to get stuck right into it so after breakfast he took charge of the kitchen and this was his creation.

With very little help from me, my master Chef in the making mixed all the ingredients, cracked and separated the egg, sprinkled in the sweet smelling spices and make ginger bread dough.
Looking much like play dough he knew exactly what to do, rolling it out evenly and using a gingerbread man, a gingerbread girl and a snow man cookie cutter to make his cookies.

They worked a treat, this recipe is so easy for kids to do them self.
I helped read it to him and made sure the measuring was correct but he more or less baked them himself. Impressive little man. Child led Easy kids cooking is great for building independence in the kitchen, teaching about measurementsand ingredients. Baking with kids, when it is as easy as this is such a wonderful sensory and calm treat.
It was so easy and quick. Only 10 minutes and they were done. Then came the fun part.....
I did one ginger bread women showing Dimples how to smooth the icing first, use the writing icing as 'glue' for the buttons and eyes and decorate them with a smile. Then I gave him the led, he let me decorate another one for my self and told me the rest were for him and daddy.
He loved the freedom!

Dimples took his Head Cookie Decorator role very seriously giving the gingerbread people different clothing objects. The one above needed a beanie and a scarf (as snowmen do) and of course some buttons. Some had pants, shoes, belts, gloves and even buttons to do up their pants.

 They all had eyes but the last gingerbread men, I don't know why, was a tower of writing icing and lots of belly buttons. Look on the "after" photo, he is the one at the bottom. He does have cool shoes though!
Very proud of his Christmas creations he asked for a photo and said how good he is at decorating cookies. He inspected them and got to pick which one he wanted to eat.

Here is the recipe that our Magic Elf left :) Easy ginger bread kids recipe

We have been doing lots of Christmas Activities lately.
Why dont you browse these for some Holiday Fun.


  1. Yum! and what a creative little man you have so well decorated!

  2. Yumo, love the way they are decorated :-)

  3. Oh, these are so colouful and fun. I love them!

  4. Ooh, they look great! Maddie is a total little chef like dimples too. The only difference is she'd insist on dressing the part and wearing a chefs hat and apron, lol. I love how you've embedded the download in like that. Great idea! Also.. i was looking for an easy gingerbread man recipe so this came at a good time. Pinning away. Thanks for sharing :) x

  5. Love that he did so much by himself and it was all so important!!They look great and made with so much love obviously!Love how you did the recipe also...i am never that organised!

  6. Yummmmmm! Snacking along the way is half the fun! =)

    Wanted to tell you that we Snowman bombed our fridge this morning, partly due to inspiration from your blog. Thanks for the fun memories!!! We linked to your page.




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