Magic Elf Adventures - Take 2

Dimples woke one morning to see Buddy swinging on a candy can swing from the ceiling fan.

Another night Buddy left Dimples some Magical Snow Powder (desicated coconut, glitter and sprinkles) and some magical beans, there was a note telling him to plant the seeds in the magical snow powder and water them before bed.
They grew the next morning into Christmas Lollipops. Magic!!

Lots of Mischief: Buddy made a sled for the reindeer and had been pushing toilet paper down the stairs.
Then it looked like he had been watching Christmas Movies all night & eating popcorn.
He decorated the tree with toilet paper and was found in the tree
What a messy elf!

Dimples woke one morning to find a recipe pinned in the kitchen, lots of ingredients and cooking mess on the bench
Buddy wanted some ginger bread cookies by the looks of things so Dimples the Mini Master Chef got cooking
Here is the Post & Our recipe: Child Led Baking & Decorating

The door way Trap. Through the night Buddy wrapped up Dimples Door way with Christmas paper to trap him in.
Magic Elf's get bored when they are not with their friends.
Our Elf has made a friend, and decided to wrap him up as well.

Sick Night: Poor Buddy came down with the flu and took up rest in the tissue box.
Buddy made a camp out fort through the night & left Dimples a special treat.
Christmas is 3 sleeps away so he left some Reindeer sparkle Dust

Happy Elf Adventures

If you missed our first Elf Adventures Post click HERE to see the fun.
and I hope you have a great Christmas.

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  1. What fun adventures!! So many creative ideas. Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!!



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