Reindeer Run-Way Sparkle Dust

3 Sleeps til Christmas and the Magical Elf Buddy left Dimples something very special because he has been such a good little boy - Magical Reindeer Runway Sparkle for Christmas Eve.
The magical Dust was made from layered oats, green glitter, salt, red glitter, pink ground chalk, oats, small star sequins, sprinkles and cake decorative silver balls.

 There was a little note that read along the lines of
"Sprinkle this Reindeer Dust on Christmas Eve so Santa's Reindeer can see the sparkly trail and know where it is safe to land. You don't want them to miss your house! Remember to leave some carrot out for them and some Milk and cookies for Santa"
The Magical Reindeer Dust was left for Dimples in a hide away that Buddy the Elf had built through the night. An Elf Fort!  Inside was a little camp fire with battery operated tea lights, a small Elf bed, a small Elf door mat and the jar with a little note.

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Merry Christmas

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  1. Very fun!! We have not gone the road of Elf on a Shelf, but I have enjoyed seeing how other people use it. Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!!



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