Raised Foil Prints for Christmas

Hello Lovely blog readers.  I hope you're all getting in to the Christmas Spirit.
I am very organised this year, which is extremely unusual for me, I am loving the feeling.

Dimples created some Raised Foil Prints for Christmas gifts this week.  Here they are:

Since most of the Christmas shopping has been done, wrapped and is ready under the tree (I know! Fancy that!)  these are some extra bonuses that are a gorgeous, very special label for some special peoples gifts.  They make the gifts look unique and wrapped with love or would like great as a DIY Card.

They're really simple to make. We havent used foil as a material before and it was so easy to work with.  The Raised foil Prints are made from cardboard base, with tacky dried glue pictures. I used a tacky clear craft glue to drizzle on the pictures and sat them up to dry.

Once the glue prints were dry I covered them with a small, thin layer of glue (not enough to dry bumpy) and covered them with Foil. Using a paper towel on top, I pressed down and rubbed the print so that the foil stuck down around the raised glue prints. It worked well.

Dimples had fun painting them. He did some red and green to match our Christmas theme and then sprinkled glitter over them. With the paint over them, the raised glue print isn't as noticeable, so as they dried I used the paper towel again to softly rub over the raised foil only, taking some of the excess paint off so the silver can shine through.  Then I stuck the final creation on some coloured paper, punched a hole, decorated with ribbon and tinsle and Dimples picked which gifts to add them to. We wrote a special message on the back of them.

I love the way they turned out.  They are beautiful and such a thoughtful gift topper. They were also a new and fun way for us to be creative with our Christmas Decorating and wrapping.

Happy Christmas Adventures


  1. They are lovely. I love home-made wrapping paper and card. It's so much more unique and special!

  2. This is a lovely one for the kids. I'm sure mine would have a ball with this!

  3. Lovely Christmas wrapping idea. Pinned it :)

  4. What a cool idea! I may have to give this a try myself....

  5. What a great idea!!! It's amazing what you can do with foil

  6. Oh these are cool!
    Foil is so much fun to work with and perfect to add a little sparkle for Christmas!

  7. I would have loved this as a kid. Will be pinning for miss 2.5 for next year.

  8. Shopping finished, wrapped and ready for the tree!! That's amazing! :D I'm well impressed. Mine's coming along, hopefully everything will be organised this week.

    I think Jack would like this kind of activity, the print would seem almost a little magical. I might see if he wants to have a go :D

  9. Love this idea...they look so special for Christmas sharing!!



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