Elf on the Shelf Adventures

Buddy 2012 - Our Elf on the Shelf arrived at the door in his box along with the book.
It wasn't long before he had set up watch on the Reindeer.
and then came the mischief
Buddy played with Dimples cars all night by the looks of things.
He left a little note thanking Dimples for letting him use his cars
Buddy also drew funny faces over Mum & Dad. Giving them red noses.
Dimples thought this was hilarious and grabbed his little camera to take some pictures of his naughty Elf.

Buddy called a Christmas meeting through the night with Fellow Christmas figures around their own tree.
There is little Elf foot prints coming from the fire place, he must of made these when he returned from visiting Santa.
 Buddy is sitting on the table with a Christmas count down

Dimples was definitely excited that he had a magical Elf visiting until Christmas.

One night Buddy decorated a Santa cookie and turned our Milk Green.
He made quite a mess and had crumbs over his face
but he was nice enough to leave a fresh cookie and some icing so Dimples could decorate one to

Buddy left Dimples some craft, a collage of a tree.
You must have used every one of the scissors.

Whoops Buddy forgot to shut the fire Place door again when he returned from reporting to Santa that night.

Buddy the Elf likes Green.
He raided the drawing box one night and found all the green texters.
He drew some Christmas pictures from Dimples

ZOO. Dimples awoke to find that his table had been turned into an Animal cage.
Buddy had used all the sticky tape to contain Dimples stuffed toys.
There was a do not touch sign on the sticky tape so buddy had electrified it to contain the animals through the night.

And he had drawn a picture of them
Dimples woke up one morning to see Buddy fishing in the fish tank.

He had been drawing fish and looking up Rex Hunt by the looks of things and then decided to go for a fish himself.

Dimples was extra good one day so Buddy left him a special treat...
Fake Snow Sensory Play.
He had bought Dimples back a snow man from the north pole but he melted through the night.
To see the POST on this Activity click HERE

Buddy found a Elf friend and has enrolled him into the mischief making.
Here he is having a ride on the reindeer.
This was a beautiful handmade gift from a fellow Australian Kid Blogger Network Member.
Stay tuned for Elf Adventures 2:  Click here to see the fun


  1. How much fun is this idea!?! I just loved the fishing photo, had to giggle out loud, no-one knew what I was on about! Hilarious!



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