Family Tree: Our Land-mark

A Real Family Tree in the Outdoors


Dimples has decorated a few of the rainbow trees with his handprints. There is one blank tree that will be Purple very soon.

Once again, we have been in the outdoors painting trees on our property.
This time we did a family tree.  Something a little more meaningful and fun.

Painting the tree
Last year some time we Painted this tree, you can see it here: adventuresathomewithmum painting-tree it lasted the weather, lasted through Summer and didn't fade. It wasn't until autumn that the tree started to shed its top layer of bark and most of the painting came off with the bark.
Its tough work, we used exterior paint left over from our Backyard Balance stumps and we only needed one coat.

Here we are again, painting big trees, Beautiful rainbow trees.  This time with something more meaningful and bright.  Ofcourse it wont last but for a year or so it will make the property look bright and be a family reminder of the fun things we do together.  
Once it was dry we put Black handprints on it and I named and dated them. It didnt take long to dry in the sun.
We have even done a foot print Family tree.
Dimples has a funny very vocal cow 'cackle' who had to come see what we were doing (and lick the paint) 

Happy Outdoor Adventures  :)

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  1. What a fun idea! I wish we had trees that big!

  2. I can't tell you how much I love this idea. It is so special. Now wishing I had some property or trees in my yard.

  3. We have the exact same sort of trees! I love your idea and shall plan to do our own family tree this summer...thanks for the inspiration!!!

  4. Oooh, that's awesome. If only we had trees in our property like that. :D

  5. What an inspired idea! Love the hand prints on the tree - what great memories you are making together there!!

  6. What a cool idea! If only we had a yard....

  7. Naw this is beautiful, kind of sad that the tree will shed the bark again but in a way it's kind of cool that you get to do it again and again!

  8. What a fun family activity to do together?! I love the photo with the cow standing next to the tree :)

  9. oh now that looks so cool! Now all I need is a big tree!!

  10. Wow I love the colour and the family tree idea is brilliant.

    Thanks for linking to the Sunday showcase.

  11. I love this idea, too cool. We love hand print art. Wish we had a big yard with trees to do this. The love of family is the greatest.
    Also, want to thank you for featuring my Halloween play-doh. (Momma's Fun World)

  12. What a lovely yearly family celebration! Love it!



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